20th, December 2012
Agriculture Mechanisation

The  John Deere Agriculture  Equipment has launched  the new John Deere�s  product which is aimed at  rapid mechanization potential of farmers, withequipments  in land preparation,  seeding,  planting nutrient application,  lay and forage  harvesting as well as agricultural  management solution. The program administrators are challenged to ensure the farmers  accessthe   equipments  and the services related  to efficient usage at cost effectively.

The Uganda Investment Authoritychairman Patrick Bitature urges Ugandans to transform from the rudimentary typeof farming to more mechanized andmodern types of farming, able to sustain domestic food demands and commercialrequirements. Transformed type of agriculture would counter the spiralpopulation growth characterized with abrupt drought.

Mechanization is one of the key pillars ofagriculture transformation and modernization. Efforts directed into acquisitionof cost effective farm tools means integrating the majority Ugandans trappedinto the occupation representing over 70% of the country�s labor force intoviable economic farming.