In Uganda- Production Diversification becomes integral

25th, January 2013
Unidentified person keeps count of his money

The year 2012 was an eventful year for the insurance sector with accomplishments such as licensing of all players within the set timeframe and acquiring new entrants in the brokerage business among others.

However, the sector contribution to the economy is contestable given the continuing gaps in public awareness levels. The trade remains a portion for the corporate with a few products that automatically isolate the majority Ugandans.

Low levels of  insurance  awareness  among the public  continue to retard the development of the insurance sector in Uganda despite the new entrants in the brokerage business.
 The Insurance sector is more of an elites' product who in actual sense constitute a small proportion of the population making insurance appear more of a luxury for the low-income earners. Despite 2012 being a successful year for the industry, the industry needs to embark on getting more numbers on board.

The agriculture sector in Uganda is the largest contributor towards economic development and transformation. this would be a better opportunity for the insurance sector to tap into in efforts to widen the trade penetration. The insurance sector is believed to have taken a slow pace in this area, with no product development towards agricultural enhancement.

There are always emerging opportunities that call for local content strategies for instance the current oil reserves.
The resource calls for insurance packages to safe guard its human resource, capital resource given that it's a capital intensive area of operation.

The insurance sector in Uganda ought to first explore the domestic market for a better competitive base before diverging to regional markets that are well stationed.