Prosecution calls for conviction of Tumukunde

25th, January 2013
Brigadier Henry Tumukunde makes a call

Prosecution in the case in which Brigadier Henry Tumukunde is accused of making a public speech and or utterances without authorization from his superiors, has called for his conviction by the seven man panel headed by a fellow brigadier, Fred Tolit. The case is before the general court martial at Makindye where it has stayed for the passed eight years.

The prosecutor, Major Wairagula Fred has told court that available evidence is enough to convict the Brigadier Henry Tumukunde and court has set February 13th as the date for passing judgement. Tumukunde's lawyers, Oscar Kambona will now have to use the available time before the set date to file a reply to the prosecutor's final submission with the court, before judgment is made.

Prosecution alleges that in 2005, the then spy chief Brigadier Henry Tumukunde, without authorisation from the appropriate authorities, appeared on a talk show on one of the FM stations in Kampala and made a public speech and/or statements, an act that is prejudicial to order and discipline of the army.

Brigadier Tumukunde chose to keep quiet and not call for witnesses after a seven man panel of the General Court Martial under the Chairmanship of Brigadier Fred Tolit found him with a case to answer on 21st November 2012. Others on the panel included Lt. Col. Dennis Agaba, Lt. Col. R. Mpagi, Capt. C.N Basaliza, Capt. A Mugaba, Capt. A. K Birungi and WOII George Byansi.