Black leaders, white power

2nd, January 2013

I don't understand why people still think black people are moving forward as a race.

White people own our minerals and resources, they educate us, they own the banks, they own the media, in other words white people dictate our lives, they control us whether we know it or not, so I don't understand why people tell me I'm stupid when I don't want to vote, I don't know why black people even think their votes will change anything. 

Our governments are in bed with the Western world. So every night, they fornicate, we are mentally, financially, politically, and socially harassed.

The problem today is that black people were put in ghetto's, I mean don't get me wrong-our countries are practically ghettos as compared to the white world. And yet it's the resources that were got from Africa that were used to develop their countries.

 White people have all the best places to themselves, so you cannot really tell people to get over the past, you cannot really tell us about a rainbow Africa [multinationalism] just because we got black leaders now, they don't own anything, so they might be President or minister of whatever but truth is, they don't have power.

So how can we talk about change when nothing has changed, how can we celebrate Jubilee Independence when we still have nothing, our schools are a joke, our kids still earn 0 [zero] shillings because there are no job opportunities, the Western world got better jobs and better opportunities, we live in ghettos, we entertain ourselves by drinking, becaus�e we have nothing else to do really.

Truth is black people need to wake up, we celebrate Shaka's death, we have holidays for our murdered ancestors and heroes, we don't even know most of those heroes, because at school they taught us about European Heroes, so in other words we are a nation lost, we don't know who we are, we don't know where we come from therefore we do not know where we are going as a race.

We have nothing, nothing�, we need to stop fooling ourselves, talking about power and joining political parties, politic�al parties won't change anything, that is the sad truth, we need to realize our heritage, know who we are, we need to stop allowing other races to bully us in our own backyard, take back what is ours or forever remain slaves and fools, we are fools, these people oppress us and then talk about a rainbow African nations like Kenya, Zimbabwe, South Africa etc, they own the bank and then put a black man's face on their notes, they put us in ghettos but they are telling us about equality, we brag that we are educated yet the only time people call you educated is when you work for them, talk like them or live next to them, we call ourselves Africans, yet white Europeans own 98% of Africa, we are lost, we go to their churches, I have never heard of a black church, I heard of the Roman catholic church, and Saint John etc.

It's about that time as black nations stood for what our ancestors fought for, our leaders better cut their relationship with the White oppressors who dictate everything on their behalf, there is only one solution, and that is socialism, France has a Socialist president why can't we also have the same here in Africa? Revolution is the Solution, no need to debate about it or act all smart and intelligent, revolution or forever remain slaves. Being a writer and a poet, I came up with a poetic line: meant to illustrate this_

Oh Africa! Africa!! Africa!!!
Our ancestors speak with a heavy heart
that we wallow in the shackles of modernity
we've thrown our culture to the vulture
and embraced the culture of another
our tongues do not taste our language
we speak like the foreigner