Nebanda death saga continues

20th, December 2012

Legislators,especially from the West Nile region, medical doctors and other sympathizers spent the previous night and the morning at the headquarters of the police SpecialInvestigations Unit in Kireka near Kampala.

This is where consultant pathologistDr. Sylvester Onzivua was detained overnight. According to his lawyer and oppositionshadow attorney General Abdul Katuntu, police plan to charge him of abuse ofoffice under the Anti-Corruption Act, 2009.

This group of MPsis vowing to camp here until Dr. Onzivua, who was hired by Parliament and lateMP Nebanda�s family to carry out postmortem is released.

The healthprofessionals and MPs monitoring the case snubbed a meeting called by PresidentYoweri Museveni that was scheduled at 10:00 to iron out the sticky issues. ParliamentaryCommissioner Dr. Chris Baryomunsi who was part of team that conducted thepostmortem on Saturday says they will only meet the president after Dr. Onzivuais released.

There areallegations that a member of late MP Nebanda�s family has flown to the UnitedKingdom alongside the police pathologist to conduct postmortem on the otherbody samples of the MP under government control. During a media briefing attheir home in Entebbe, the family disassociated themselves from the person whotravelled with police.

In a statement onTuesday, police said Dr. Onzivua had tried to smuggle the body samples to SouthAfrica without permission. Police also claimed that the doctor, who is a civil servant,had not sought leave of absence from his superiors.  But Director General of Health Services Dr.Ruth Acheng says Dr. Onzivua sought permission from the ministry and MulagoHospital where he is a consultant pathologist.

With MPs givingup hope of getting transparent results of investigation into the death, itremains to be seen when Nebanda�s body will finally be laid to rest at herancestral home in Butaleja district. MPs are expected to hold the specialsession in her honour on Friday. The session flopped on Tuesday.