4GC activists revived after a lull

23rd, January 2013
Ex FDC president Kiiza Besigye speaking to press

Activists under the pressure group 4GC have resumed with their activism after a short break.

They  say , they are to enjoin Ugandans  to make sure that the new year  2013  is  of collective action. The activists want to  join the lord mayor of Kampala in a clean up exercise of Kampala on 26th January this year.

After along lull , the activists under the pressure group  for GOD and my country  have today held a press briefing   attended by the retired Fdc president Dr. Kiiza Besigye, Jeema party president Aasuman Basalirwa, FDC women�s league leader IngridTurinawe ,PadeBitama, Butambala  MPmuwangaKivumbi and Mathias MpuugaNsamaba the 4GC coordinator .

They highlighted some of the activities they plan to conduct this year.

As NRM plan to  celebrates its day on 26th January 2013 , which was later  shifted to  30th January , the activitists will be joining  the call by the lord mayor  to participate  in aclean Kampala exercise. 

They say the call was made to the public and a big turn up is expected  to clean the  designated areas of kikubo,old taxi park and  eventually attend a consultative rally  on Saturday as NRM celebrates its day

The group applauded the black Monday activists who also participated in fighting graft by wearing black every Monday. Besigye who spent his greater part at the end of the year abroad explained his journey objectives 

The retired FDC President Dr. Kiiza Besigye  backed the international community aid withdrawal from Uganda and want the donors summon president of Uganda H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni to give account for the funds

He also asked these international countries with super powers to force the government of Uganda to honour the constitution.

They are also threatened to demonstrated against the US government for  continuing to give aid to Uganda amidst  increasing graft . They want the  recently sworn   in US president Barrack Obama to withdraw the aid  .