Banks now opt for agriculture

19th, December 2012

The increased rate of inflation in 2012 led prompted central bank increase iof the interbank rate forcing commercial banks to increase the interest rates to private sector loans.

This increase affected a number of economic activities with a sharp decline in a aggregate demand and general economic growth.

But inflation is now reducing to almost the single digit target of 5%. The   central bank is also relaxing on its monetary stance by reducing the central bank rate to as low as 12% this month. The commercial banks on the other hand are not moving at the same pace as the central bank and inflationary rates.

But there is need to increase the financial sector competitiveness the following year to close the loopholes that emerged this year.

Meanwhile Eco bank, held its final draw of Olikyabeeyikyaffeku where the lucky winner moved a way with a Pajero. such campaigns improve the clients loyalty to the bank.