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COMMENDABLE MOVE: Buganda Kingdom to Market her Untapped Minerals, Chunk of Land for Development at Powerful UK International Trade and Investment Fare

Buganda kingdom has finalized plans to showcase her vast mineral potential as well as vast land for development, to at... See Full Story »

HARD TIMES: Ntuusi Locals Vow to Slaughter Tycoon Kellen Kayonga's Cows, Roast Them And Enjoy Free Muchomo over Lost Land to the Moneybags Lady

Angry Locals of Ntuusi in Ssembabule are vowing to slaughter Askar Security Tycoon Kellen Kayonga's hundreds of cattle... See Full Story »

PROVING US RIGHT: Development Savvy Katikkiro Mayiga launches Face Book Fundraising Drive for Burnt Kasubi Tombs Ahead of Receiving Ddamula Come May 29

When we reported that newly appointed Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga puts a financially empowered kingdom ahead of Fed... See Full Story »

WORK PLAN UNVEILED: Newly Appointed Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga’s Master Work Plan Puts a Financially Empowered Kingdom Ahead of Federo.

Breaking news extracted from newly appointed Mengo Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga work plan indicate the youthful Premier puts empowering kingdom f... See Full Story »


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