NOT MARRIAGE MATERIAL: Uganda’s Famous Women that Might Stay Single if they Do Not Change Their Approach to Life or Scale Down on Their Hard Partying Lifestyles

7th, June 2013
The ladies who might find it impossible to hook lifetime partners

Although wife to business mogul Patrick Bitature is now a changed woman, it took her a while to master her wifely duties. Pinky having met Patrick while she was still at university thought life would be rosy after tying the knot with the Simba telecom tycoon.

With the arrival of their first child, Patrick was shocked that his beautiful wife could not take care of the baby by herself and needed a bevy of maids let alone failing to maintain her marital home.  The down to earth tycoon packed up Pinky’s property and took her back to her parent’s home and swore not to allow her into his house until she had learnt how to be a proper wife.

Shocked, Pinky’s mother took her daughter back to her marital home and camped there for three months as she taught her how to go about the day to day basic chores.  It is from this that we realized that many Ugandan ladies in the public eye would not cut the mark to be married to a typical Ugandan man. We take a look at some of these ladies whose vices or character might keep them single for a very long time to come.

Angella Katatumba

It is no secret that Angella was married for eight years while living in USA. However, one wonders what she and now ex husband fed on considering the fact that she has no idea how to find her way around a kitchen.

Angie can not so much as make a decent meal, not even something as simple as a fried egg! If a woman can’t cook, we wonder if there is honestly anything else she can do!

Doreen Kabareebe

Doreen is the kind of girl that will make a perfect girlfriend because she is so much fun. You will even be very proud to show her off to your friends and they will most definitely be envious. However, if you married her, she would spend most of her nights in the club and come home staggering at dawn.

Whether or not she would be able to take good care of her marital home is debatable but one thing is for sure- no man wants to marry a girl who is inseparable from her partying!

Jackie Klein

Whichever man marries Jackie Klein will be blown away by the sexy lingerie she will put every night. However, Jackie’s hard drinking, smoking and partying would definitely come between her and her man.

Kampala’s lingerie queen is not one to be bossed around either and would have a problem being submissive to her man which would be a major issue to any Ugandan lad.

Zaituni Kirigwajo aka Zari

We know she is already married and this is old news but really!!! A married woman who publicizes her marital woos, leaves her husband and runs straight into a younger guy’s arms… doesn’t sound like much of a good wife to us! On top of all that chaos, she puts a tattoo of her boyfriend’s name on her body and shortly after makes up with her husband because he bought her a Lamborghini. Everything about this beautiful socialite just screams….. bad wife! But who are we to complain, we are simply stating the facts as they are.


We know G-Snake has a man and we surely applaud him. Besides her over the top partying life style, it would be it very difficult for any man to go to bed with a woman who performs with a snake entwined around her body.If you are lucky enough not to find this creepy, then it would give you hideous nightmares.

Shanice Kacungira

She is probably every man’s fantasy but if you have listened to her morning show on Sanyu FM then you are aware that she is not a piece of cake. Shanice is not the kind that will conform to the typical African tradition of being the good wife and letting your husband make the decisions.

Some people will even argue that she take this emancipation thing a bit too far. Ugandan men hate to be challenged or put on the spot and that is exactly what you will be getting with this MC and radio presenter.

Salma Nassanga

Former Miss Uganda Salma Nassanga falls on this list because her love for the bitter stuff is beyond ordinary.  Salma’s love for whisky and all the other strong liquors is no secret and besides, she would out compete any man that took her on.

The former beauty queen has even lost weight and could easily be mistaken for being anorexic which is no style statement in our rather conservative Uganda. 

Tracy Bora

Tracy Bora is arguably Kampala’s biggest party animal and honestly there are very few serious men who will put up with that kind of life style.  Also, her record of being a man eater does nothing to help matters.

Tracy Bora was rumoured to have had an affair with jailed Meddie Ssentogo yet she was engaged to Nigerian Prince Kassim. It is this kind of reputation that no Ugandan man will risk dealing with.

Sheebah Karungi

Dancer cum artiste Sheebah Karungi would leave you with a controversial wife at your hands. First, her closeness to rapper Keko would raise a few eye brows and to be honest, we all know that is an arena no Ugandan male is willing to walk. Secondly, her lifestyle as far as partying is concerned would put off most men.

Her raunchy videos might be good to look at but we do not know any husband who would be okay with his wife baring all her goodies for the whole world to see all in the name of a career.

Brenda Nambi

Dancer cum artiste cum fashion designer Brenda Nambi falls in this category for two reasons. One, no man wants a woman who cannot make up her mind about what she wants to do. One minute she is a dancer, the next she is an artiste and before we know it she is a designer, this is a bit too much.

Two, Brenda Nambi has had her fair share of men and well, we don’t think anyone wants to be the one to take to what everyone else left. Just saying

Straka Mwezi

We know most Ugandan men love ‘chubby’ women but Straka gives this a whole new definition. That would be an over sight but each one of her three children has their own father and if there is any Ugandan man out there who is willing to take this project on, please raise your hand, we would love to meet you. On top of all that, Straka has failed to outgrow her love for the bitter and partying all night long.

Hellen Lukoma

We were more than happy when Dean proposed to dancer cum artiste cum actress Heklen Lukoma but now we are wondering if this rather ‘busy’ socialite Judith Heard.

Hellen is always seen hanging out in different clubs with a string of her single friends, a clear indication that she is not up to giving up her  single life, at least not yet.

Judith Heard

Queen Bee, we are very well aware that you have a husband but the only reason you are on this list is because we don’t know when you actually take the time to take care of your hubby. If you are not busy having a cat fight, you are in club or better yet, you are ranting on social media.

Correct us if we are wrong, but it looks like your man takes care of himself while you spend your days taking pictures to post on facebook, twitter or instagram.


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