NAMUBIRU WAS SET-UP BUT…: Ray of Hope as Japanese in Drug Possession can often Avoid Court by paying $2,000 but Foreigners end up in Court where they normally attract a Mere Suspended Sentence rather than jail terms

13th, May 2013
Hilderman is feared to know a thing or two about Namubiru's offending briefcase

Detained Singer Iryn Namubiru could walk away with a suspension sentence or a ban from entering Japan for a certain period of up to around 5yrs, instead of the more feared jail term.

Japanese who are arrested for drug possession can often avoid a court appearance by paying police $2,000 or so. Foreigners usually end up in court.  Increasingly foreigners arrested for drugs are given suspension sentences rather than jail terms. But suspects are often denied a bond and kept in jail until they are brought to trial.

Irene Namubiru got a Japanese lawyer on Friday afternoon who was scheduled to visit her on Saturday at around 5AM East African Time at Chiba Police station in Tokyo.

Word out is Dr. Hilderman could have been aware of this deal. The Investigator learnt that it was Hilderman who contacted Irene Namubiru for the Tokyo concert deal, and was supposed to be performing too. But he made a last minute change of plan and cancelled his trip allegedly because he failed to obtain a Japanese Visa. On this claim, however, consular office sources in Nairobi says that they have no record of any visa application by ‘Dr.’ Hilderman.

How the Suitcase Containing “Ecstacy” got to Iryn Namubiru

Our Source reveals that Irene Namubiru was set up to carry the drugs for her “promoter”, Kim Ueno whose real name is Kim Tumwesigye.

Tumwesigye is a known broker and dealer. He is also the chairman of NRM/O Japan chapter, a group that is neither registered in Uganda nor Japan. Tumwesigye claims that he quit the military intelligence to help his former bosses multiply their money doing business in Japan.

He married a Japanese woman and adopted the name Ueno. It is said that Kim arranged and had a suitcase that contained the drugs that were stuffed into G.nut paste containers along with other edibles, delivered to Thaddeus; Irene’s Cousin and Manager. The delivery guy was a boda-boda rider.

The boda-boda guy and Thaddeus met somewhere around town and Thaddeus gave Irene a suitcase that he said had grain food for Kim in Tokyo. It was abrupt and happened two hours before Irene was set to be driven off to Entebbe International airport.           

It’s widely believed that Thaddeus knew of this, although he maintains that he was just contacted by Kim because he is the manager, but never knew what they were sending to Tokyo. Iryn Namubiru was arrested at Tokyo International Airport, moments after her arrival when airport security checked her luggage and found the illicit drugs in one of her suitcases.

Upon hearing that Iryn Namubiru had been arrested at the airport, Kim Tumwesigye didn’t show up at the airport. He took the next plane and flew out of Japan back to Uganda.  Our security sources believe the purpose of his abrupt flight to Uganda is to cover up his sources and loopholes.

The other question that remains to be answered is why as a promoter of such a big concert, refused to visit Iryn Namubiru when he heard that she was arrested at the airport? Why did he take a flight to Uganda the following morning after Iryn Namubiru’s arrest?

Back to Iryn

For all these days the Japanese Police have been doing pretty nothing much; no statements from Irene Namubiru had been recorded, no reasons as to why, except confiscating all her belongings, including her electronic gadgets until Friday.

She is said to have been asked preliminary questions, but nothing more than that; according to the standard Japanese procedure, She had not been allowed to speak to anyone until an attorney is got.

Her handlers managed to get for her a Japanese lawyer who visited her early Saturday. The French option proved costly, and could take time to get set so a local Japanese lawyer was opted in as her attorney. Sources familiar with the Japanese justice system say people should not expect the worst, because unlike China or Malaysia, the Japanese system is more lenient on this case.

Our source says that Iryn Namubiru could walk away with a suspension sentence or a ban from entering Japan for a certain period of up to 5yrs.





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