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ROLE PLAYING: My Neighbour Ambushes me in My Sexy Nurse’s outfit, Cracks me up with His Hilarious Jokes before Wiring me into Releasing a Stream of Juices

My friends had persistently been asking me to put a few lingerie pieces in my boutiques but I was a little hesitant because I wasn’t sure if ... See Full Story »

HOTEL SEX: Ecstasy to the Fullest as My new ‘Boss’ spanks me Till I moan out Loud before my Generous Swirilili releases Gallons of Juice Loads

I was recently given a deal to dress the contestants of a university beauty pageant.  I jumped at the opportunity... See Full Story »

MAKING UP FOR LOST TIME: An old Friend Returns into the Country and in the Process of Assembling our Past, he bombards my Swirilili, Shooting his Load all over my Tummy

Kennedy and I first met when I was trying to set up my first boutique. He was looking for space to house his real esta... See Full Story »


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