SAD DEMISE: How Peter Wacha Contributed to the Slow Death of His Lumumba Avenue Based Steak Out Bar As His Love for Women and Financial Carelessness Gradually Killed its Popularity Turning It into One of Kampala’s Scoffed upon Hangouts

7th, June 2013
Steak Out Proprieter Peter Wacha. Inset is city model Arena

As far as most Kampala party animals can remember, plot 50 Lumumba Avenue was once one of the most sought after hangouts with some of the best theme nights around town which included the then infamous Utake night and the popular Rock Night.

The rendezvous owned by Peter Wacha aka Dings and managed by his friend Ken always made obscene profits and smiled every other day all the way to the bank.

However, as the years went by Peter, famed for his wild partying and binge drinking always hosted his friends and it wasn’t rare for his buddies to drink and eat on the house.

Peter made a fine business move when he hired nyama choma chefs from Kenya attracting an even bigger crowd. With this new progress, the shrewd business man opened up another branch of the now very popular Steak Out in Entebbe.

Like all new things, Ugandans jumped on board and Peter kept reaping big until the number of patrons at the Entebbe Steak Out started to slowly treacle down. The Entebbe branch was making humongous loses but like the proud business man he is used the profits from the Lumumba avenue branch to keep it on life support straining his finances in the process.

After realizing that he was chasing a wild goose Peter finally closed down the Entebbe branch and tried to concentrate on the Lumumba one but it was a little too late for that. In addition to his financial woes, the bar had uncleared water bills amounting to several millions of shillings which forced the National water sewerage corporation to cut off supply to the joint.

Without flashing water the A-B-C class who could not scoop water from the drums available called it a day as far as the joint was concerned.

However, the straw that broke the Steak Out mogul’s back was his separation from his wife. It should be noted that the premises that housed the joint was a wedding gift from the lady’s parents to the couple. His wife had over the years had an issue with his closeness to several socialites but city model Arena Kasyata is the one that made her finally kick Peter out.

The Steak Out premises being a gift from her parents, Peter’s wife tasked him to pay rent when the two went their separate ways. Paying rent on top of the already humongous financial crisis led to the slow demise of the once renowned Rock joint.

As we write this, there are barely any beers in the bar that once attracted thousands of revelers and we can only wish Bwana Wacha the very best in whatever he decides to pursue next.



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