DANGEROUS SUBSTITUTE: The Day My Good Old Friend Came in as I Worked on Myself only to Help Me Accomplish My Mission in Real Action, Thanks to the Porn Videos we Accidentally and Separately Watched

25th, April 2013

Last Thursday, I decided to spend the day at one of the boutiques based at one of the malls a little out of town. I normally drop by every once in a while but it had been a while since I last spent an entire day at this particular branch.

The store was a little bit messy and I spent most part of the day re-organizing and making the place look a bit more appealing. I was on my feet for over 5 hours and by the time I checked my watch, it was coming to 3:00pm and I was very hungry. I retreated to my office and just as I was about to send one of my girls for food, my phone rang and it was my friend Keith wondering where I was.

He said he was in the vicinity and would drop by to check on me within a few minutes. I coyly requested him to bring me food on his way which he gladly agreed to.  30 minutes later Keith was not yet shown up but he kept assuring me that he was on his way. To pass time, I opened a porn website and started watching a few videos.

Two videos later, and I was all horny and wet so I spread my legs and inserted two of my fingers into my Swirilili and gave myself the best finger work you can imagine. I had my eyes closed and was deeply engrossed in the moment that I didn’t even hear the door open. Keith walked all the way to my desk and that was when I realized that he was even there!

He laughed heartily and teased me about how I had never changed but I was deeply embarrassed. One of my closest frieds had just caught me in the act and was now trying to brush it off. As I tried to nervously straighten myself and recompose, Keith walked to the door and locked it before he came round to my desk, pulled up a chair and asked me what I had been watching.

I had stopped the video but I hadn’t closed the window. He put it back on as I tried to distract him but he wasn’t having any of that. He was now steadily getting engrossed into the movie and I pretended not to be watching as I ate my food. Keith kept stealing glances at me but I was not going to let this happen regardless of how horny I was.

I looked down and noticed that Keith’s bulge had grown even bigger and he caught me staring at his crotch! This situation could not get any more awkward. Keith pushed my food to the side of the table and then got up from his seat. He is a heavily built guy and in one grab, he picked me up from the chair onto my desk and pushed his tongue down my throat.

I was already horny and wet and I didn’t have any will to push him away. I didn’t respond for a few seconds but when he continued to kiss me, I threw my legs around his torso and pulled him even closer to me. He wasn’t in a rush and kissed me for a while and when I thought he was about to explore my body further, he lifted me up and pulled down my skirt. I started to say no but he had his mouth over mine silencing me instantly.

With my skirt around my ankles, he pulled my t-string off and struggled out of his boxers and jeans. I stood there rather awkwardly as he put a condom on his wire and slowly sat back in his chair as his huge monster stared at me. He beckoned me to go over to him and I did.

I sat down on his laps with my back towards him and he slowly lowered me onto his wire. My swirilili was throbbing and I screamed out as his wire made its way into me. Keith held onto my waist and I held onto the edge of the desk as he moved me up and down, Kireka-Banda style. He was also moaning softly now and each time he thrust, it felt like I was going to cum.

Because I had been at the very peak of release when he went deeper, I wasn’t able to hold it off for much longer. I came within a few minutes but that did not deter him from pumping in and out of me until he was ready as well. I felt him go stiff and then he let out a wild groan like he had been choked by something.

We sat there for a while with his wire still inside my throbbing swirilili till he let it out. We tried to talk a little after we were both dressed it was obvious the situation was only getting more weird so he decided to leave. He later sent me a text thanking me for giving him the best unplanned and unanticipated sex he had ever had in his life.

Till Tuesday, stay naughty.  Always, Bad Angel



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