I WILL KILL YOU: Shamed Gen. (Rtd) Matayo Kyaligonza Vows to Smash The Investigator Writer’s Head as His Kids Assure Him of Real Hell, for Dumping Family over His ‘Daughter-in-Law,’ Namubiru’s Naughty Swirilili

6th, March 2013
TOGETHER NO MORE: Kyaligonza and wife Geraldine

"You're a blackmailer, a fool and an idiot, Komanyoko. I will hit your head. I will smash your head, fool." These were the verbal missiles from the anonymous caller on telephone number +2572224614 on Friday, to our crime desk boss and Editorial Director, Stanley Ndawula.

Via a threatening violence case filed at Kibuli-based Criminal Investigations and Intelligence Directorate (CIID), Detectives have ably identified the number as belonging to Maj. Gen (Rtd) Matayo Kyaligonza, also Ugandan Ambassador to Burundi. The 00:01:41 duration call at 03:12pm on Friday, sent Ndawula trotting to police to file the case.

He told Detectives of how the male voiced caller refused to identify himself, but right away started to shoot insults into his ear. “I asked him to identify himself and he refused before calling me a fool. I told him since I couldn’t know who I was talking to; probably he was as well a fool. But at one time, he called me mutabani, meaning his ‘son,’ Ndawula stated in part.

On Thursday evening, we exclusively unleashed a story, authored by now threatened Stanley Ndawula, of how the battle-hardened retired General had steadily whacked his family, thanks to the documents, including letters and emails from his own family members at our disposal. The mildly revealing story did not only enrage the General against us but his wife and family members.

Shortly before and after the offensive call, a lady claiming to be Kyaligonza’s wife Geraldine, vide number +256771604077, twice called The Investigator to demand for our sources’ details, saying her husband had gone on rampage, “believing it’s me and the kids who gave you the story. Please help us know your true source,” she severally pleaded, hanging up only after assuring her that it would be over dead bodies in the newsroom for her pleas to be honoured. 

The Full Story

Before filing the Thursday story, we called Kyaligonza’s friend and legal mind, Daudi Balondemu of Balondemu & Co. Advocates. This was meant to confirm the email the General forwarded him on March 27th 2012, ranting about his troubled family before attaching an email from his son, Martyn K.   

“ As a parent and comrade , having been integrated into the sharing of my family agonies, i am forwarding to you one of my examples of what is happening at my house coupled with the confusion of Myriam Matembe’s so called expertise advice. Please share my decision why I chose to keep away while I was in Kampala and chose to keep quiet from returning your phone calls. Please pray for me as I sort out this mess caused by my spouse. Comradely, Brig (Rtd) Matayo Kyaligonza,” reads the brief to Balondemu who, confirmed receivership and source of the mail to us.

Still in our possession is an email, titled “Things fall apart,” dated Tuesday May 22nd 2012 and posted at 3:24pm, from Kyaligonza’s daughter Perry Tibagwa to her father. In all emails, the arguably incensed kids accuse their father of woman battering and an annoying womanising character, allegedly not even sparing his own sons’ girlfriends. The unedited (save for a slight attempt on spelling mistakes here and there) e-mails are reproduced here bellow, reproduced;

‘You Are A Shame Father’

From: "Brig. (Rtd) Matayo Kyaligonza" <>

To; "Balondemu" <>

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012 1:49 AM

As a parent and comrade , having been integrated into the sharing of my family agonies, i am forwarding to you one of my examples of what is happening at my house coupled with the confusion of Myriam Matembe’s so called expertise advice. Please share my decision why I chose to keep away while I was in Kampala and chose to keep quiet from returning your phone calls. Please pray for me as I sort out this mess caused by my spouse.


Brig (Rtd) Matayo Kyaligonza

On Mon, 3/26/12, Martyn -K <>

From: Martyn -K <>

Subject: Time to reckon


Date: Monday, March 26, 2012, 7:43 PM

Since this is going to be quite a long communication, I have decided to use this known communication media of surfing!

I have kept my reservation on your behaviour since 9th march 2012 and its high time you checked your actions since you are clearly blinded, flowing where your anger takes you and endeavouring so much to justify your wrongful actions!

Whatever power and might you are using to divide your family; I must commend you highly that you are doing a splash job. Your words;" you will fight every one and no one can defeat you!" well you can go full speed ahead but the crash is totally eminent and nasty! For every action, there is always an opposite and equal reaction. The problem with human nature is we forget so quickly and never consider the future's consequence, but this human problem is very amplified by you as an individual!

Truly, it's only the wicked who would want to be in your shoes! You are so much duelling on Pam and Pat insulting and "defaming" you but remember, everything has a reason why it happens the way it does; in my books that's called using the ability to discipline and pass on a message about an immoral ill that may be contaminating the air!

Let us stop beating around the bush let me be the one to tell you this! You are hiding your head in the sand! Ostrich style and you think your invisible, covered, hiding! Well the exposure is quite vividly clear...even to a blind man!" however much a cockroach stays in the dark, it will soon be exposed into the light!" and you have decided to get violent and angry because you preferred your darkness and doing all humanly possible to justify it!

You have belittled our mom; after all she has done for you and been there for you! ( yeah you can make faces but that's even an understatement) you owe her your life!...and that's how you decide Repay her! Make her a beggar! Subject to Philip Mbabazi! After what she has done for you and your "properties" let alone the shame you have permanently placed on your family...

Shame, shame, shame on you, and your actions. Anyway, you can go ahead with your divide and rule theory but what goes around comes around when the hunter becomes the hunted! With all your actions of 2 weeks, you have committed all the seven deadly sins known to God! To me you are the worst family man, "father", mentor, cheat and Her! To God you are a man with the 7 deadly sins! You have

Greed and Gluttony for property, to the extent of embracing junk and getting attached so much to such, to the extent of disbanding your own wife who has been your helping hand in all these years but it only takes you a blink to claim and remind the world what belongs to you and all that you have "offered"! It's quite eminent even on the church and the name you chose for it. Hope you never lock it telling the congregation it's your property and how you only "helped" them

Wrath on your family + the countless people whose lives you have shattered using your uncultured ancient assaulting and insulting ways. Do you have any idea how many people( and still growing) detest you coz of your actions?

Pride to even apologise for your wrongful and misdemeanour ways( by the way its all in thick black and White. Thanx to your animolic and uncalculated behaviour! If I may ask, what is your interest in the Namuddu case? Why the so much protection and patting on the back to the extent of disbanding your wife and family, insisting on jail term for them? (that's my HUGE question and that of the public)...just a tip of the iceberg...

Sloth of never completing what you ever start especially how you have racked the family boat on your last route in life. Started a family but never saw it through its building and amalgamation what a pity!

Envy of wanting what others have and not being content with what you have. Why do you have spite and resentment to every little thing our mom gets her hands on? ...and Lust of course...need not say much!

Let me let you know in summary of all this: You have clearly divided your family(s) and don't think there is any repair or turning back on this! You have totally belittled our Mom over the years with both your assaults and insults and this time you crossed the line way deep!

As you always say, "it's not an obligation for you to be married to our mom" it's clear and understood you don't love her and she CLEARLY does not love you back esp after your beatings you take pride in Just be the "honourable" you are and let her be!



And my final remark please let your behaviour and actions equate to your seniority, otherwise they are more than lacking and you are dragging us down with you! Don't take it as a insult but rather you evaluate all that you have done lately and ask yourself.

Take note! The lord can easily wait until the day of someone's death to reward or punish him. At that time his deeds are revealed for everyone to see. So many people are called fathers but an extinct number makes it to daddy and dad!! Having a family is one thing and raising one is totally another where many fumble and crash!

Your boys have slept with that very Namuddu, how can you lower your respect to that level, and that girl is about Martins age wow, what a trash. .So when KARMA knocks at your door dont be surprised, and because you have killed all the love on one side of the bridge , there may never be rescue. You may hate us the kids, which we are so used by now considering that we are ebyana bya Gerald, but you cannot do the evil that you are doing to our mother, someone who has been so loyal why do humans always forget the past, no matter how much you may have in the bank, there is always the rise and fall, and who always there for you, the true loyal in right, and that’s family. It beats my inner understanding how a parent can hate a children especially one who has done nothing to deserve the torments and insults .Tell us this, besides being protective of our mother because of the wrongs we have grown up seeing ,does that guarantee so much hate like you have shown us , even as little as giving us the little we ask like fee or financial boost to start something on our own, but yes the real kids have gotten more of that ,on top of the lies they live and bring. Which parent tell their own daughter to abort, do you think that grandchild will ever be known to you. All this being said here is like speaking to a deaf man, but although deaf, you can sense the effect and what lies ahead and more.

I have always asked you as a head of family mbu, to build harmony and unity in the entire family , and the last time you said you care less whether the family is harmonious well ,now watch yourself go down, and let’s see whether all this junkies leeches and flies like Kabole ,sijui pastor Ruka and so on the list is long ,1 better stop here before I vomit naming them. Now take this closely ,one of dear children of Anne is going to burn you dry, will not give you intel since you are Mr. know it all, but you are headed for the biggest betrayal from your wonderful children ,and by that ,we the "byana bya Gerald" will sit on the sidelines watch you all destroy one another. if you forget remember your very junkies and brothers for example supported your opponents during your campaigns, or remember the cries you used to sound off that you struggled in the bush and have been put to the veranda ,being disgruntled ,not until ,that very woman called our mother ,that you have humiliated so much went crying to people like Saleh to consider your struggles ,and there ,you became ambassador ,yes you will disclaim this but facts are facts ,and those are some of the family secrets I mentioned . Study this even despots and dictators well known have keep the foundation of family so strong above all other things, why because they know if the family turns on them they are nobodies,and so scared.

I have tried to keep this a little clean because it is to be forwarded. So after this just like you have said to us ,that you are done with us on this side and will never hear what we have to say so be it. KARMA keeps watch on you. Not a threat but a true fact ,its time ticking.

The Daughter’s Missile email



Things fall apart   

Tuesday, May 22, 2012 3:24 PM


To: "Brig. (Rtd) Matayo Kyaligonza" <> 

Date: Tue, 22 May 2012 14:55:24 -0700 From: To:

Things fall apart.

I had to put my mind in print for your reminder just like the disappointment and disgrace that has been brought upon us may this also live on. and I will forward to all those concerned to save you the trouble Just like all other emails and texts before you go spreading the gospels of how the kids Gerald’s kids are insulting you, let me put right," EBYANA BYA GERALD" think and employ critical thinking, why is this happening , what is the cause, who is the cause, and if it were you in our shoes and one of your very own parent is treating you the same way you have done to us (Tibagwa, Ngozi, Kabasomi, Tuhaise,or Martin ,let alone mama Geraldine) how would you react or you would just sit and let insults and humiliations fall on you ,from childhood to adulthood , or if it were your own father hitting your mother endlessly , or the big one ,what would you do if she did the same to you ,would you like it As human the answers to most of these questions cannot be realized until the very thing has happened to us then one feels the torment ,and pain, but till then ,the one doing wrong will be filled with so much ego, blamed those being oppressed ,and then manipulate others with favours and money just to cover their wrong doing. And of course by now all the flies and leeches around you have been rewarded with favours and monetary benefits for supporting your wrong doings and break up of very own family. Success of any man is the strength of his family unity, love of his wife, and education of his children, let alone support. Hats why a family tree cannot survive without strong family roots or ties, but here you have done a very good but yet sad job of dividing your own family ,to a point where I don’t think your grandchildren need to know a generation of their grandparents of the like. As said you rip what you sow , Families are not all perfect but a sense of unity keeps them together to fight off bad forces ,and above all keep the secrets within themselves ,but look here, can you imagine what would happen to your image since you love public image more than family harmony or unity. We the very people that you have called "Ebyana bya Gerald , or called your very wife ekikazi" on a constant basis are the very people that have protected your name and image by keeping a secret from public even when we know for sure that you hate us as part of that family. Now watch things unfold ,as you fall off your high horse the very leeches and flies around will be laughing even louder than now , or even in your face, as they do now behind your back.What broke the camel’s back is when you crossed the line of sleeping with that girl Namuddu, that is family ,and when you do to very extent of defending her over your wife and children and bring police to arrest them , hell broke loose and none of us would stand there watch our mother be humiliated like that, because if it were the reverse we would do the same but thank goodness it’s you.

Now that very girl that you have brought to destroy this family is only wanting cash ,and you using her for sex, while you bum all your bridges and ties to those that matter , do you even know that two.


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