KYADDONDO KING CROWNED: We are Sorry Guys but Our Events’ Experts Insist Chameleon is the King of Kyaddondo Rugby Club Grounds while Bebe Cool Remains the Prince and H.E Bobi Wine is the Ultimate Novice who ought to pull up his Socks

30th, April 2013
VERDICT DRAWN: Chameleone and his followers Bebe (L) and Bobi

Well folks you all know how often our local big-name musicians have each bragged as being the best and each claimed they can fill up any stadium or multipurpose pitch, save for the unlucky Lugogo cricket oval where no local artiste can ever dare any more.

But the icing is now on the cake that Jose Chameleon, after his Badilisha show has been crowned by yours truly as the conqueror of the Kyaddondo Rugby grounds, after the international artiste Konshens who did so at his acclaimed level.

Forget all the other issues that were there and have been put on ice as they are being investigated. The singer had by 4pm pulled quite a long queue at the entrance. And by 7pm he had already garnered a cool ten thousand people. No one would blame the organizer Balaam Barugahara for smiling from ear to ear for this is the one time in many shows, he has finally gone back to the bank smiling.

Bebe Cool the Prince

Take it or leave it, our experts in the know of how shows in this town are run and how numbers are counted have ruled that Bebe Cool’s ‘Kamwako’ Album launch runs second in the shows that have been held at the venue. Though he now claims that his massive new hit ‘Coccodiossis,’ with multiple hits will be bigger than Chameleon’s, he is number two for now, hence a Prince below the King.

The Novice Bobi

His is the Uganja Republic President and no one can ever take it away from him. However, when it comes to gracing shows, his pack is rather a disappointment. For with the air play, his massive hit ‘Tugambire Ku Jennifer’ that doubled as the title of the album, many a music critics who would have anticipated droves of people thronging the rendezvous.

But oops! Promoter of the day Aisha Kirabo aka ‘Saleh’ of Aisha events, saw blues on the night as only about eight thousand people paid to grace the show. This makes him number three who, we have crowned as the Novice of Kyaddondo.

Now folks, this is our take and we are sure beyond reasonable doubt that until otherwise, the only Ugandan local artiste who has conquered Kyaddondo Rugby grounds is the man himself who claims to be the East Africa’s number one and Africa’s number six ‘DR’ Jose Chamele-one.



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