EPENU-NAMUBIRU EXCLUSIVE: NTV’s News Anchor Gabriel Epenu is planning for Cougar Iryn Namubiru a Mega Bash on Sunday and his Close Pals tell us the Dude is also Due to Propose to the Diva on the Same Occasion

4th, June 2013
TIME TO GET SERIOUS: Epenu set to propose to Namubiru this Weekend

Classified information sliding in is that NTV’s news anchor and new catch for crooner Iryn Namubiru, Gabriel Epenu is planning a mother of all parties in Entebbe at an exclusive garden located next to the zoo this Sunday.

We can confirm that Gabriel and his friends have been combing town amongst themselves in preparation for what they thought would be a secret and surprise do for the Diva to congratulate her upon flying out of Japan Police hands, a free bird.

We hear that on the same day one of the biggest surprises that Epenu is planning is to finally and officially propose marriage to the mother of two. “We have had meetings over the same and wait for Sunday if you think it’s a joke,” our source close to the couple intimated.

It should be noted that the same pair met and kicked off their romance in Entebbe where, Gabriel had gone to interview the sexy babe towards Christmas holidays. And before no one knew, the duo was terribly in love.

We are very sorry ‘Bwana’ Gabriel, for letting the cat out of the Bag. But this is what we are here to do and we pray our ‘naughty’ tricks of being into you guys don’t change your mind about the Sunday do.



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