RADIO DIVAS: The ladies Who Have Made Radio Show Hosting Uganda’s Sexiest Job and Have us Addicted to our Radios With their Silky Voices

13th, June 2013
These ladies have unknowingly become an addiction

They have probably unknowingly become a huge part of your life and you still can’t put a face to those voices that have gotten you through your days and sometimes nights. Our country is blessed with talented women who are go getters and they have now virtually taken over the world of radio.

Today, we take a look at some of the women who have become household names and have us glued to our radios all day long.

Christine Mawadri

You must all remember her? The hoarse voice that turned Sanyu FM and Capital FM into the most listened to radio stations back in the day. Shockingly, when we all thought she was at the peak of her radio career, Christine quit radio. But we guess this industry was her calling and it sucked her right back in.

She joined Top TV on a managerial level before heading on to Dembe FM. She didn’t stay there long as she was scooped by Zuku TV but radio being her first love, she recently joined Sanyu and the listeners can’t be any happier to have their amazing Christine back.

Sheila Nvannungi

Save of claiming to be Kampala’s hottest single woman, Sheila Nvannungi actually does have a genuine claim to fame. Nvannungi changed the face of vernacular radio presenting. The CBS presenter has been at this for over eight years and like a good wine, she gets better with age! She might not be very lucky with love but her career is the one thing in life she got right.

Peace Menya

Peace Menya is the lady with a calm but rather authoritative voice on Radio City.  She also doubles as designer Sylvia Owori’s public relations guru. 

Peace is the very opposite of most people in the public eye; she is a very private person and loves to stay away from the media’s hounding eye. Peace is slowly branching out into MCing and we can bet our lives that she will ace this as well!

Siima Sabiti

Most people know her as Siima but this beauty from western Uganda was born Siima Kyakuhaire Kyomuhendo Sabiti. It is Siima’s passion for music that pushed her to become a radio presenter. As a good instrumentalist, we are even confused if she does music or radio presenting better.

Not that, it matters because Siima is a perfectionist and whatever she does, she gives her all.   Siima is currently working with XFM.

Lillian Mbabazi

When Lillian joined radio city, we thought she was fronting her popularity but well, the former BLU3 member has shut us up!

Behind that husky voice is an intelligent and brilliant lady, characters about Lillian we would never have known if she hadn’t joined radio.  Lillian continues to grow and listening to her, one might think she has been doing this for a very long time.

Flavia Tumusiime

We don’t think there is a lady that has managed to achieve as much as Flavia has at her tender age. Flavia currently the presenter of the AM-PM show on Capital FM but it has been a long ride for her.  Flavia first caught the public’s attention as the timid teenager on WBS’ Teens Club before moving on to Capital where she has been ever since.

However, her confidence and maturity got better with time and she has since become a much sought after host and MC. Flavia has hosted shows like Big Brother Africa and the Guinness Football Challenge. With this girl, the sky is nothing but the limit.

Rahmah Mbabazi

Rahmah Mbabazi Kanyomozi started her radio career on KFM but they dropped her saying she wasn’t good enough. Rahmah better known as Lucky moved to Capital and has proved her former bosses wrong.  She is a natural at this and the one of the few female presenters whose vocabulary is not lacking.

She is not repetitive; you know the kind of people who use the same word over and over till it becomes monotonous! If Rahmah keeps doing what she is doing, she will soon be one of Uganda’s best female radio presenters.

Seanice Kacungira

She is vicious, fierce, determined and a little bit of a bully but isn’t that why we all love Seanice? Seanice together with Fat Boy are the hosts of the Big Breakfast on Sanyu Fm which is where Seanice started her radio career. She later moved to Nairobi but later returned to Sanyu where she has continued to cause controversy.

Seanice is an independent voice who isn’t scared of letting her opinion be known and every once in a while, she will get into a bitter argument with Fat Boy if he tries to disprove her judgment.  Seanice has also taken her talent to MCing and she is doing just as great a job!

Bina Baby

If you can’t put a face to the silky voice that has drowsily soothed Dembe FM listeners to bed, then think of the babe with a wasp waistline and a bum larger than life. (Ok, that’s a little exaggerated but you get the picture).

Bina Baby proved that it was possible to have a successful love/relationship show in vernacular. She has an ardent following and has quickly risen to one of Kampala’s celebrated radio presenters!

Cleopatra Kyoheirwe

Former Obsessions dancer Cleopatra Kyoheirwe is a girl of many talents. From dancing, to writing, to acting, Cleo has decided to try her hand at radio and she is doing amazingly well. Peter Mile’s rumored girl is a presenter with the Bugolobi based Radio City. Impressive we must say!

Crystal Newman

Crystal first broke into this industry alongside the fallen veteran DJ Bangi but even after his death, she carried on hosting The Evening Drive on Sanyu FM. Most thought she wouldn’t be able to make it without Bangi but she has proved her critics wrong.

She has not only conquered the world of radio but also taken on the MCing industry. Crystal brings to mind the impression of super woman- mother, wife, radio presenter, MC and beauty queen, she seems to do it all with grace and dignity.




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