TINYE UPDATES: Ugandan Intelligence Panics to Reports That Gen David Ssejjusa aka Tinyefuuza is in Neighboring Kenya from where he Clandestinely Meet His Charges from Home for the Next Move on his Boss, President Museveni

17th, June 2013
MISSING: Tinye (R) is lately not located by Sevo's spies

The Ugandan security is investigating reports that fugitive Gen David Sejjusa is now docked in neighboring Kenya. Gen Sejjusa, who has been out of the country for the last two months, had been reported in the United Kingdom.

But it later emerged that he had left his UK abode and vanished into thin air sparking speculation about his whereabouts. And for the last two weeks it does seem that nobody knows where he is at the moment.

The Ugandan government indeed asserted that they never knew where Sejjusa was while the British high commission also denied knowledge of Tinye’s whereabouts. His aides have since been giving mixed reports regarding the whereabouts’ of the four-star general.

One of his political aides known by the names of Bigirwa gave a hint at his location when he said that that David is in an African country. But he did not reveal the country.  And intelligence had already got clues that Tinye could indeed be camping in one of the neighboring countries close enough for him to be able him conduct affairs at home.

It’s believed that Tinye decided to leave UK and flew to an African country where he can get in close proximity with his motherland. And our sources have suggested that it’s highly likely that he is in Kenya.

Why Kenya?

Kenya is historically renowned for harboring Ugandan political refugees. For so many years Ugandan exiles led by president Yoweri Museveni camped in Kenya and managed to launch their bush war project in the early 1980s. 

During the brutal days of Gen Idi Amin, many Ugandans flocked to Kenya to seek refuge from the extra judicial killings of the time. And the trend seems to continue with Gen Sejjusa as reports available show that he is understood to be meeting some of his trusted people from Kenya.

It’s rumored that Tinye’s trusted lawyer Joseph Luzige is reportedly not in the country as well. And its speculated that he could have travelled to Kenya to meet his boss for a more physical briefing. Luzige travelled to the neighboring country at the weekend for an impromptu secret meeting with his boss.

It has come to our attention that Sejjusa wants to return but he doesn’t know the reception he will receive when he decides to come back. He recently tasked his lawyers to find out the charges that the state wants to slap against him. These are indicators he wants to return home and face the music that follows. 

Rebellious Tinye

Ssejjusa, a decorated hero of the bush war that brought Museveni to power in 1986, has a history of standing up to President Museveni. During the bush war against the regime of President Milton Obote, Tinye sensationally resisted Museveni’s orders that compelled NRA commanders to live without their women. When the matter was put to a vote in the NRA high command, the rest of the commanders supported Tinyefunza’s position.

In his book Sowing The Mustard Seed, President Museveni laments the way he was defeated in a heated high command meeting and how the UNLA almost wiped them out of existence at the time because of such poor decisions. In the 1990s Sejjusa tried and failed to quit the army after accusing its leadership of incompetence in battles against the fugitive warlord Joseph Kony.

This time he could have touched the wrong button when he wrote a letter to the internal security service urging an investigation into reports that those opposed to the rise of Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni's son Brig Muhoozi Kainerugaba risk assassination.

The general's concerns have since stirred enough dust and controversy in the country, where divisions among the military elite are rarely revealed in public. Uganda's army leadership has since accused Sejjusa of breaking the country's military laws; while political analysts have suggested that the General has “clear presidential ambitions”.

His loud absence seems to have an impact with the media continuing to speculate what he is up to. Some newspapers have speculated that he is set to join one of the political parties around while others believe that he might apologize and rejoin the fold.

Some say Ssejjusa may be positioning himself to become the leader of those within the military who want to discourage Museveni from hanging onto power or propping up his son as a future leader. With more power shifts emerging, and with the 2016 elections getting closer, it’s likely that Tinye might not return to Museveni’s government in any capacity.

With his position as chief of intelligence services already given to another officer, Brigadier Sam Waswa Balikalege, it’s obvious that he doesn’t have any more part to play in the Kampala regime. But reports that he is in Kenya have excited Ugandans as we wait for what will happen when he makes the decision to step on Ugandan soil.


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