WOMEN IN EPENU’ LIFE NAMED: Colleagues Accuse Gabriel Epenu of Having Almost Shagged all NTV Babes as His Job Hangs in Balance over the Same

17th, June 2013
HE KNOWS EM ALL: Epenu (inset R) is 'friends' with these galz Faith and Mona (center) Rukh-Shana and Trud (inset L)

Coming in from Serena premised NTV, is news that colleagues have penned a dossier, accusing one of their own and celebrated news anchor Gabriel Epenu, of playing women.

According to the dossier, a copy of which we obtained, Gabriel always tries to hook any woman, no matter the age and/or their marital status. His love life started with his white ex-girlfriend through whom he met the mother of his child, the wealthy Safiya Kodet.

He reportedly convinced Safiya with sweet words like; “you’re the woman of my life, we were meant for each other, lets live together, you are the most important person in my life", to mention but a few.

She actually, reportedly started paying for his tickets to Arusha where she stayed. She would even send him money for up keep, bought the car he drives, paid for them to get a bigger house with their baby and most of all; she singlehandedly takes full care of their baby.

Safiya is said to have done a lot for Gabriel, from job hunting to the tiniest thing in the name of love, “but he comes out and lies to other people that they have never even dated, she trapped him with the baby, they had sex just once, he has never loved her which is not true at all,” reads the dossier.

Not Serious

Epenu and Safiya tried living together but the dude would go and spend nights out with his boys leaving Safiya and the baby by themselves. He also is reported to have an alcohol problem, according to his buddies.

Safiya also helped furnish the house Gabriel lives in and since he called off the relationship, she asked for all her things back and she even wants back the money she contributed for the car. She has even refused to let him see his child now, according to the dossier.

Other Gals

“While she was pregnant and living in Arusha, he was busy sleeping with other women. Safiya found out and tried to forgive him but whenever she would mention the matter, he would become so hostile.”

Just during their introduction preparations, he was dating Faith Ariho his colleague. He was by the way also so jealous of whom she was seeing yet sometimes he would ignore her. “What’s funny is that Gabriel is great friends with Faith Ariho's boyfriend, renown Lawyer Nicholas Opiyo.”

As if  that was not enough, Gabriel then turned to Faith Ariho's cousin Monalisa Kaita Daisy, a hot babe in Nakawa business school. Unfortunately, she is reportedly engaged to her Nigerian boyfriend who takes care of her entire family and bought her a very sleek car. They still see each other. “The girl is just so classy for him, he knows he can’t marry her but he swears he will not leave her!”

On the day of the introduction in November 2011, Faith reportedly released gallons of tears, feeling so sad because he was there with Safiya and not her. At the same time, he used to read news with Rachael Arinaitwe whose thigh-land route he also tried to access.

“Gabriel's trick is the same. He always uses the same words for all his ladies you can die when you think you are the only one. He has that innocent look yet he is so sharp. He has tried almost every girl in NTV. A few resisted him though, because they knew his cunning ways,” reads the long dossier.

For example, Josephine Karungi told him off and it still hurts him to date because he says he can get anyone but why not her.

He also tried so much to get Rukh-Shana Namuyimba but this one too was not about to fall in the same pit. She refused but anytime he gets the chance, he still wants and suggests a fling with her.

Now his latest playmate is colleague Gertrude Tumusiime Uwitware aka Trud. They reportedly spend the whole time chatting on the net, what-sapping, just like he does with all the rest, trying to be discreet yet everybody knows. At times they sit together, wait for each other in the parking, and most of the time after reading the news he chases after her.

They also get out for ‘quickies,’ Trud most of the time makes him lunch at her house, and also buys him his favourite drink, Guinness. Trud is however, reported to be having a stable boyfriend. On several occasions Gabriel has taken Trud to his friends' parties, where they sometimes sleep or just go have their brief ‘chats.’

“She says she is in love with him and it looks like it will be concretised soon because he is dying to have more kids and he says she is so sweet. By the way, every time he makes love to these girls, he wants to know how good he was because he thinks he is a porn star.”

No Detoothers

Also a blow job lover, Gabriel goes for girls who won’t take from him, but those who have already and he takes from them. Most of them have their men. He is said to be jealous of Maurice Mugisha and Joel Khamadi for reasons we can’t put down here.

Trud is said to be generous to many guys in NTV. But Gabriel seems so attached he won’t stop partying with her and she feels on top of the world, friends say. “One girl who wasn’t happy wondered why Gabriel had to call Joel Khamadi a Casanova yet they have almost the same manners!”

Now Gabriel’s job is also reported in balance because the News manager can’t stand him anymore. He says she hates him, “but we know that he was flirting with her, he would go to her office, he was her darling but now they don't see eye to eye.”

It could be because she sees what’s going on with all these other females, so she fired Faith first and Gabriel could follow suit soonest. We believe Iryn Namubiru won’t like this story but what do we do!






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