INFIDELITY ALERT: DJ RS Elvis Names some of Kampala’s most prominent Men on The List of Fellas Who Knew That Diedre Ivon was still Married to Him And still Bedded Her

12th, June 2013
Nalima (R) and city lawyer Johnnie (L) have been named in the scandal. Bottom left is Nalima's personalised car and inset is Diedre Ivon Kiima

Radio One’s veteran DJ RS Elvis is clearly a man who does not take infidelity very lightly. Yesterday, we reported about the details of his pending divorce from his wife of seven years Diedre Ivon Kiima but the feisty DJ has gone further to  name the prominent guys in Kampala with whom his beautiful wife was bedhopping.

The list which we are reproducing today has the names, car number plates and phone numbers of the shameless guys who did not mind sleeping with another man’s wife! It also includes the amount of money they spent on Diedre on different occasions. But this is a story for another day.

Dennis 077* 517690.

Rich 075* 668800.

Nalima 077* 453010.

Johnnie Barenzi 077* 205686 car Number plates UAB 957X. 

Mayda 071* 200969.

David 077* 500106.

Amos 077* 893133.

Agaba 039* 941983.

Nasser 077* 316035.

Bukenya 071* 810397.

Paul 078* 652993.

 PK, number plate UAM 742J.

 Jof UAN 050P

Momo UAM 746E, UAJ 633N, UAM 055H.

There were also a few number plates whose owners were not named; UAL 083P, UAL 944F, UAD 408N, UAJ 554W. The following is how much the different fellas spent on the sex oozing Diedre during their special rendezvous. PK spent 300K, Jof spent 300K on Red Label, Paul 200k, Momo 600K and Dombo 200K.

Elvis is accusing his wife of being a call girl who frequently engaged in pole dancing yet she was still married to him. Sourced from Court



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