BBA SEX-CLUSIVE: Sex in the House as Sierra Leone’s Bolt and Ethiopian Beauty Betty turn the Heat up when they finally ‘Consummated’ their Almost a Fortnight Long Relationship

4th, June 2013
PICTORIAL EVIDENCE: That is what happened

Whether it is Betty’s being head of house that is giving both her and lover Bolt the confidence to go over board or just raging hormones, the two love birds have given up on trying to keep their hands off each other.

As the rest of the Housemates in the Diamond house slept after an exhausting day of nominations, Betty and Bolt did the unimaginable with cameras recording their every move. The infrared technology captured them under the covers as they turned and twisted.

Covered in a grayish duvet, the ten-minute video clip shows Bolt busy doing his sex-partner who, looked every inch positioned in one target friendly starfish position. After what looked a moment of suffocation, she slowly uncovered their face as Bolt continued to thrust away.

Like they had forgotten all about the 24/7 camera surveillance, the duo finally uncovered selves with Bolt exhausted like one who had travelled a 20 kilometer stretch, carrying fifty kilograms of cement.      An equally exhausted Betty was clearly naked and simply lay still like a log as her boyfie drilled her deeper. 

After the show, Betty passed Bolt the ‘hoe’ and he is seen cleaning self beneath the duvet before he  lay ‘lifelessly,’ facing in the opposite direction as Betty caressed her southern region before she also ‘collapsed,’ her head covered in the heap of the pillows. The two have been spending every night in Bolt’s bed and we guess this is the first of many more interesting nights. Video sourced from Kakensa’s Media.



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