WRONG MOVE: Dancehall Star King Michael Left Kampala Casino Monday With Torn Pockets after all the Little Money he had was chewed by the Roulette Wheel.

7th, May 2013
UNLUCKY: King Michael and his whip, the Roulette

The ‘Kwata Kwata’ star yesterday popped in Kampala Casino dressed in a cream shirt, white jeans and white moccasins with a ‘back tie’ as usual, he looked excited with a grin on his face just like someone who has come to collect sacks of money.

He headed straight to a confined table to start gambling. When asked by our pry to join a cooperate roulette table of high Betting, he laughed off and said “mwana ebyo bya banene”,

The fading musician shortly after a handful rounds of losing, was seen scratching his unkempt hair with a long face, as usual he became a spectator only to inspect those with huger pockets, he was later seen vacating the place sheepishly, with a bout of worries visible on his sweaty face.

Onlookers said he might have lost even his transport in the game of the lucky ones. This is not the first time he walks out of casinos empty wallet and pissed, trust us we have seen him severally.


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