A MINOR’S BATTLE: ‘Emmese’ Fame Singer Captain Dollar is in Defilement Scare as he Feuds with his Manager Abba over Money and Oh No… A Juvenile Swirilili!

13th, March 2013
L-R Dollar, Abba and one of the crew members

We have landed on a deep-seated beef between the ‘Emmese’ hit Star Captain Dollar and his Manager Marlone Abba Mayanja, stemming from the latter’s double sin of biting not only the former’s performance fees but also his lover whom, we are duly informed, is age17.   

We can confirm that Dollar and Abba got in a bitter brawl over the weekend at their Bbunga-based Eye Entertainment Base. Insider pries tell us that the duo’s bad blood took form recently when, Abba received Shs1.2m, meant for Dollar’s performance at a function in Wobulenzi.

However, Abba reportedly pocketed a huge chunk and only declared Shs0.5m, convincing the singer that it could cater for fuel as the organizers were to provide free drinks and meals. Dollar is known to have reluctantly accepted, but deeply meditated that he wasn’t going to perform more than one song. The D-day came and indeed, he sung only his signature Emmese and jumped off the stage.  

Confused and enraged, the chief organizer, a one Brian confronted him with the ugly truth. “You guy, I can’t pay you a staggering Shs1.2m for only one song. I fully paid you. Why now do you want to ruin my function? I can’t stand that nonsense,” Brian allegedly yelled, innocently.

Incensed and his nose changing shapes, Dollar who is said to have already been a bit high on some unfriendly stuff, turned his guns at Abba. “He tried to grab him by the collar but was timely hindered by his crew members. Sensing the mistake was from his team, Dollar jumped back on the stage.  After the performance, Dollar abandoned Abba in Wobulenzi and travelled back alone in his ageing Ipsum ride.

It was not until last Sunday that the singer resurfaced at his Bbunga base and started from where he stopped with Abba, back in Wobulenzi. And during the verbal exchange, it dawned on our inner pries to learn that the Dollar already had a deep-settled anger against Abba.

“It came to our notice that it is to Dollar’s knowledge that Abba has been pocking on Dollar’s ‘secret’ lover, Kish Doryn aka Perm’s little swirilili,” offered an insider. Asked for his choice of the words ‘little swirilili,’ the source declared that the girl is well under eighteen and in a Secondary School around town. Check out little Doryn in the picture below.



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