BEHIND THE SCENE: Bebe Thrown Out Of Swirilili Concert Over Bad Gagamel Boys

15th, February 2013

Critical observes at Zambian singer Mampi’s concert last night at Hotel Africana must have noticed the sudden disappearance of ‘Boggolako’ star Bebe Cool. You needn’t wonder any more, for we have established that the singer along with his Gagamel crew was thrown out over hooliganism.  

And this puts in balance, his expected performance at the next gigs at Resort Beach, Entebbe on Sunday. And this is all because of his Gagamel bad boys who involved the event’s managers in fist-fighting over a very trivial matter.

It all started after one of Bebe’s support crew member was asked by an electrician to move away from a dangerous power supply connection spot which, he feared would cause mayhem just in case of any slight mistake. But instead of moving, the arguably bad-mannered fellow, rained the hapless technician with punches, an act that brought his boss’ performance to an instant halt, just after performing only two songs

Bebe joined the fracas and like his boys of course, he engaged in verbal exchange with the organizers until the KT event’s boss Kavuma and the security guru Dixon Okello moved in and ordered the bad boy and his Gagamel out of the venue. Bebe, who also had been booked into the hotel, was thrown out of the same along with his family.


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