NATIONAL SHOCKER: Alarming Revelation as Top Ugandan Celebrities Navio, Chameleon, Roger Mugisha, Keko, GNL Zamba And Others Are Cited In Illuminati ‘Faith’

Owori in an alleged Illuminati sign mask

After we exclusively broke the story of how Fashion designer Sylvia Owori is linked to the Illuminati cult on Monday, ran a picture of her in-between the two Baphoment sculptures at her Garden City based store, the feedback was overwhelming.

The over 900 people who read the story, many in-boxed us back, claiming were never exhausted the list. They further labored to give us names of Ugandans involved in the widely believed devilish faith. For fear of recklessness and failing to live to the letter as The Investigator, we unleashed our pries that poked their sniffing gadgets deeper into the world documents.

And our findings are as shocking as the realization that we positively connected and ably identified the named celebrities with the very signs commonly used by the Baphoment believers. A Uk-hosted Ugandan entertainment site, openly mentions Ugandan celebrities. Other sites like encourages the vice describing it as a group of “freethinkers” but who actually do not believe in Christ but rather them becoming Christ. Below are the alleged Baphomet Ugandans.

Jose Chameleon

He is a celebrated music star. But the Leone Island Crew boss is not new to these allegations. Way back in 2004, he was accused of deriving his fame and wealth from underworld known as sea-dead. He religiously refuted the allegations and even composed a song called ‘Mambo bado’ with lyrics “bawoza nnyanja balabe baling abataasoma” loosely meaning “They claim the sea-dead, look at them, like they dint go to school.” He was later in 2008 to questionably fall from the third floor of Arusha based five-star Impala Hotel, Tanzania which, he blamed to sleepwalking.  But again, Chameleon is fond of unique jumps at Bukedde Fm’s first Embuutu y’embuutikizi in Namboole; he made a surprise high jump from above the stage into his fans, only to be rescued by police. His ways always leave a huge gap indeed.       

Joseph Kony

He is a devil on earth. He has disorganized President Museveni and his government for close to two decades and still counting. The fellow is so elusive and mysterious. At one time, UPDF closed in on him but for still unexplainable events of the day, only his Kaunda Suit was ‘arrested’ in his place. His elusiveness has several times tempted Museveni critics to believe and or argue that the man is a mere claim.   

Daniel Kigozi aka Navio

The ‘One and only’ rapper is mentioned in these strong allegations. Though not much is said about how, when and why he is linked to the cult, he is always seen making the same signs claimed by the Baphomets. Much as we tried to get it from him, his known phones went unanswered throughout the day. But on his facebook wall is an artistic impression of him, crafted in a fashion that leaves no room to question the allegations any further.    

 Mungi Matovu Emmanuel aka MunG

MunG is a rapper popularly known for his ‘Namalayo’ hit. He is indeed mentioned and for sure, he is one man who never gave us stress of more investigations. Contacted for a comment, the fella first laughed and asked our intentions before he replied; “Ba guy mmwe naye lwaki temutuleka nemukola ebibakwatako,” he shouted back, loosely meaning, “but you guys, why don’t you leave us alone and mind your own business.”

Roger Mugisha

The Kfm radio presenter and renowned events MC and the defunct Shadow Angels boss, Mugisha is a self-confessed, repentant devil worshiper who at one time indoctrinated many young sexy babes in this town through his group. Many of them have since moved on but are said to still be linked to the cult. Mugisha who at one time ‘graduated’ into a ‘pastor, ’has since slid back to his old one. He is a regular   at most happening night spots with his glowing eyes.

Jackie Chandiru

She is also mentioned by the big-eye online magazine. Also fiancé to a top city lawyer Caleb Alaka, we have no more to elaborate about Chandiru, leave alone the very described signs she makes in her Agasi video. Her dancer, a one Arthur is also whispered to be affiliated to the cult.   

Jocelyn Travis aka Keko

The best Ugandan female Rapper and channel ‘O’ award winner vide her ‘This is How We Do It,’ remix in 2011, Keko is another celebrity in the list. Though we failed to get her on phone and or physically, the bling she decorates self with have always rumored to be of Illuminati believers.    

Earnest Nsimbi aka GNL Zamba

The Baboon Forest Entertainment boss is another celeb on the list. He is boss to MunG who asked us to mind our own business and “leave US alone.”

Peter Miles

He is Ugandan reggae muffin. He loves meditating from isolated places like Ero Beach, Imperial Resort Beach in Entebbe and other elusive places. His bling and signs tell all about the described Baphomets’ gadgets.

What Their Sympathizers say

The, are sympathizers of this cult. They actually suggest that it is the conventional religious institutions that are evil. “The illuminati are a group of freethinkers who hold positions of power such as politicians, Kings & queens, musicians and scholars. As opposed to common belief that they are an evil organization, the illuminati's beliefs and intentions are far from evil. Their purpose is to reform society using reason (rather than tradition and faith) and advance knowledge through science.” The site goes on to explain bellow in an un-edited version.

The true evil religion

“It has been the goal of some religious institutions to demonize the illuminati. They spend millions of dollars to fund false media campaigns against public illuminati members. This is a tactic used to divulge negative attention from their wrong doings.

Religious organizations in general have done some good but at the same time they have committed major atrocities. Atrocities such as slavery, harboring members who molest children, starting wars, fraud and much more, in Africa it was missionaries who came with a bible in one hand and a gun in another. They made the natives accept religion by force, and since they considered Africans "heathens, pagans, or uncivilized" they supported slave trade. Another atrocity specifically done by the Catholic Church is harboring clergy who molested children. In 2001, several lawsuits were filed against the Catholic Church because of the massive cover up of child molestation incidents going back as far as 1928.

These child abusers were able to work all over the world, with little or no supervision and even less concern about being caught. Another atrocity is religious institutions waging wars with each other and with nonbelievers because they don't have the same beliefs. A recent example is the Lebanese civil war that lasted from 1975 to 1990 and resulted in an estimated 200,000 fatalities.

It was caused by conflict between Sunni, Shiite, and Christians. For these reasons and more people need to get enlightened, drop religion and form a new world order that encourages unity. Religion causes division and gives too much power to religious leaders who are human, therefore prone to error/sin.

United we stand, divided we fall. That is why everyone should break away from the bonds of religion that divide us, and should instead be enlightened. The illuminati is an organization that holds this belief and several other believes that promote the good of an individual and positive growth of society.

Beliefs: "It is far more important that men should strive to become Christs than that they should believe that Jesus was Christ...all men may reach the same Divine perfection." - J.D. Buck, Mystic Masonry

A critical part of the illuminati is knowledge. You have to denounce all the religious teachings because they are all false. Denounce all religious books such as the Quran/Bible. This is because they were written by HUMAN BEINGs supposedly under the influence of the Holy Spirit. The illuminati agree that there is a holy spirit; everyone has a spirit within them so we all have the ability to write our own bibles, instead of being deceived by others. True knowledge lies within you. Because we are Gods. All we have to do is trust in our abilities and work to improve them. If we do greatness is ours”





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4 jose chameleon\'s case am conc sure that the guy is an illuminati.He has reached the point of fixing a illuminate sign ie the pyramid on his seguku house and also goes on wearing the pyramid attire with the snake on his fore head.Chameleon had lured many pple into this including is backup singer one papa cindy who normally flashes the illuminate signs on stage.Banange watch chameleon\'s dancing styles,they all symbolis illuminatism.


i think whoever published this is sick i have worked at many EDC shows organized by illuminati...whoever wrote this is sick.


there is a lot of illuminati wanner beezzzz out there......b4 u go further with all this try to understand what illuminati stands for and how it started....if they are the so called illuminati how come they are not performing on illuminati rave concerts in europe and the states...

levy just like the gospel is spread around the world so is the illuminati people,they dont have to go to the states or even europe to accomplish their mission..they do it anywhere in the world.. DRU


, thanks for your comments but if you read this story very well, you will realise that everything written down is very true. Being associted with the illuminati doesnt necessarilly mean that one has to travel for all those shows your talking about, there quite many wanabeez like u say out there but that shouldn\'t stop us from naming our own celebrities who associate with this cult.

Joe Musafiri

Ugandans fall for anything the people you have mentioned are only known in East Africa and in Europe and the States ar only known by Ugandans these guys could not even sell a hundred to music fans in Europe so you can hype the as much as you like but they are far from being international stars sorry to spoil your party.


If you go on implicating pple like this,you will end up loosing the apeal you wish to gather....shame


If you are going to write and publish such stuff about people then do it professionally, ie, well researched and multi-sourced articles. This one is quite shallow.

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