TIME FOR ACTION: President Museveni Set to Embark on a Mini-Reshuffle that will See His Wife Janet Museveni Move from Karamoja to Health Ministry in a Bid to Save the Nation, a Shameful Impending Loss of USD22m GAVI Funds

2nd, May 2013
'OSEKAKI'! WHAT'S FUNNY HERE? Janet (R) eye to tame Lukwago (L-up) as Ondoa's fate is still unknown

Our impeccable sources have splashed breaking news hinting on a hastened Cabinet min-reshuffle that will see President Museveni moving the First Lady Janet Museveni from Karamoja affairs Ministry to the Health.

In a move that will shock the country, our sources revealed that the President has successfully pondered to appoint his wife in the Health Ministry in a bid to revamp the currently embarrassing section of his cabinet.

The president has been pestered to improve the health conditions in the country for such a long time that at one time, Parliament tried to divert funds from all the other ministries and revert it to Health. The health conditions have been worsened by the state of Uganda’s national hospital which has been a subject of ridicule by the members of the opposition.  

Now our sources reveal that the president is set to make a brave decision by appointing one of his own, his wife Janet to the health portfolio to improve the worsening health conditions in the country and most especially, put to use the USD22m GAVI Funds whose activities are beyond schedule for six months now.

The Story

The reshuffle comes amidst bureaucratic bickering between the Minister Christine Ondoa and the Ministry officials over the said GAVI funds. It has been revealed that the Permanent Secretary Asuman Lukwago and Ondoa are at irreparable levels of bickering over the funds. It’s believed that the squabbling has cost the country a lot because it has held back the programs by six months as the two feuding officials differ on where the funds should be positioned for use.

The USD22m is meant to construct REGIONAL medical stores around the country. But while Ondoa wants the projects implemented by the National Medical Stores (NMS) as an institution that is in charge of drugs’ procurement and storage, Lukwago wants it to be handled directly under his nose at the Health Ministry where he has more leverage.

This difference in the First Person’s opinion has led to a stagnation of work. And the President has been fully alerted about the impasse. Indeed, the Donors are strongly rumored to threaten return of the staggering dimes, citing the confusion at the ministry.

It’s believed that the President wants to deploy his arguably most trusted Ruhaama County MP to clip the wings of the cocky PS Lukwago who doesn’t seem to have any respect for a softer Ondoa. “Ondoa is a born again Christian who doesn’t push things. And sometimes you need a more assertive person to do things in Ministries” said one official who preferred to remain anonymous.

Our sources revealed that the President is therefore moving his wife from Karamoja Ministry which he feels, is now stable enough to be run by any other Minister. It’s believed that Janet has actually delivered on most of what was expected of her by the appointing authority.

Janet’s achievements

Prior to her appointment in the Karamoja docket, the hitherto semi-primitive region had always been regarded as arid, backward and only capable of surviving on alms by Donors and Government. But there has been a positive turn around through increased food production, improved access to water for animals and domestic use ever since Janet Kataha set foot in Karamoja.

She has also managed to free Karamoja from relying on handouts through partners and OPM’s tractor hire programme that has reduced the relief dependence from 75% to about 25% as reported by the WFP. A total of 10,570 acres have been opened in Karamoja sub region. The Minister of Karamoja Affairs has also been resolute in changing this state of affairs with a comprehensive Food Security Plan for Karamoja.

Ondoa’s failures  

On her part, Ondoa has encountered so many problems in managing the Health Ministry. She seems to have failed to oversee the expected turn-round the President had anticipated. Our sources have revealed that Ondoa has for instance failed to make an impression in the ministry as stubborn Lukwago-led officials resist her directives at will.

It’s during her tenure that issues of poor health delivery have been drummed up by the opposition. She has had a torrid time making things work out.    Hon Ondoa’s current bickering with Lukwago over the fate of the GAVI funds seems to have been the last nail in the coffin as the Health Minister.

And now that the president is about to make a mini reshuffle, it’s clear that he will use this opportunity to redeem the health situation by appointing Hon Janet Museveni.

In the anticipated mini-reshuffle, the President will also fill the vacant ministerial posts left behind by the passing of the late Eriya Kategaya and Dr. Stephen Malinga recently. It’s believed that the president will also move some less effective Ministers and drop others who are totally incompetent. Ondoa is however reported to be heading for Ministry of Disaster and or, swap positions with Janet.   


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