PROTECTIVE: Reason Why Bobi Wine is No-longer happening in Clubs is because He Camps Overnight at his Kamwokya Construction Site to Keep Watch over Cement and other Materials

13th, March 2013
Bobi's site in Bukoto and his car where he was stealing a nap last night

‘His Excellency’ the U-ganja Ghetto Republic President Bobi Wine has all the reasons for being scarce in the happening places of late. Our pries have gathered that the Mazzi Mawanvu singer has turned his construction site in Kamwokya into his den.   

We last night, irrefutably proved that Bobi Wine has resorted to camping at the mega commercial structure in the heart of Kamwokya, not because of excitement of the huge achievement. The truth we gathered from the builders is that he is protecting the materials, especially cement which normally fall victim of scrupulous porters roving hands.  

Whenever he feels sleepy, he assigns one of his lieutenants to keep watch as he steals a nap in his car. And last night, we found doing exactly that in his black Escalade past midnight. We hear he started the 24/7 self-led surveillance after one of his loyal funs tipped off that the builders were shipping away bags of cement when on duty at night.

We hear that the hitherto busy star has been guarding for three weeks and for that, he have saved millions worth the would-be stolen materials. Way to go Your Excellency


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