WE WERE SPOT ON: Lawrence Mulindwa Ducked Fearing Refunding Taxpayer's Money He Picked From Gov’t To Run ‘His’ FUFA Limited Company and we now Reveal Robert Kabushenga Has Engaged Lawyers To Amend FUFA Constitution Barring Him To Stand

26th, June 2013
IN THE NEWS: Kabushenga goes to court

When we reported that Lawrence Mulindwa resigned because his conscious was not clear after he registered FUFA as a Limited Company, like his predecessor Dennis Obua, we were spot on.

But first, we are breaking hot news indicating that New Vision boss Robert Kabushenga has engaged lawyers after he found a roadblock within the FUFA Constitution, barring him from running for the FUFA Presidency.

As such, we can reveal, Kabushenga has engaged city lawyer Oscar Kihika to have the clause in question amended so he can join the race without hindrance.

The clause that is giving Kabushenga sleepless nights stops "a stranger" (read one who is not a FUFA delegate) from participating in the body's elections, be it a candidate or voter. The clause also requires one to have been a FUFA delegate for a period of seven years, before he could dream of standing for any FUFA leadership post or vote.

Kabushenga is jolly-comely-lately sports enthusiastic. Before his financial drive that was geared at boosting Team Crane's chances of qualifying for the African Cup of Nations, little was known about his love for sports. So, Kabushenga cannot have been a FUFA delegate before, which is why it’s understandable when he seeks to have the requirements done away with it.   


We can reveal more that Mulindwa must have felt deeply scared after it emerged he would end up refunding hundreds of millions of taxpayer's dime he picked from government to run " his personal business" as a soccer Federation.

Like it’s in our culture here at the Investigator, we took it upon ourselves to dig deeper as to why Mulindwa decided to jump before a push. It's our curiosity that led us to land on a High Court case, which arguably seeks to recover millions of cash that the man picked from government to run “FUFA Limited"

The case documents in our possession have The Uganda Super League Limited as the architect of the case. USL faulted the National Council for Sports (NCS) for looking on a private company disguising as a national sports body, used the taxpayer's dime to run its activities.

Though USL is suing the Attorney General, it's arguably not government which allowed Mulindwa to register FUFA as a private company. On losing the case therefore, government was likely to seek indemnity from Mulindwa.

In the worst scenario, government or any concerned citizen or citizens, would take it upon themselves to prosecute Mulindwa for purposes of seeking a refund of public funds that were injected in ‘his private business.

Obua Precedent

That there is already a precedent, as we reported yesterday, where Mulindwa's predecessor Dennis Obua was dragged to court for registering FUFA into a private company, it's compelling to conclude that Mulindwa faced (if not still face) tough times.

USL was particularly perturbed by Education and Sports Minister Jessica Alupo's ruling that left intact "a private company FUFA Limited masquerading as a national sports governing body going on to outlaw USL, a commercial entity that brought together 11 football Clubs playing under the Uganda Super League"

The Sports Ministry was too faulted by USL for making Parliament appropriate taxpayer's money for purposes of running a private business (read FUFA Limited). So was the Auditor General, "for failing to query and report the unauthorized issue and expenditure of monies from the Consolidated Fund to FUFA Limited, a private company led by Lawrence Mulindwa."  Enough for now but … watch this space for more.



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