TIME TO FINE-TUNE FUFA: Top City Lawyer Fred Muwema Joins the Race to Fill the Vacant FUFA Presidency, Thanks Lawrence Mulindwa for Stepping Down as Aldrine Nsubuga promises his Support

26th, June 2013
City Lawyer Fred Muwema has joined the race for FUFA Presidency. Sports veteran Aldrine Nsubuga (top right) Thinkis Muwema is the right man for the job and top left, is Robert Kabushenga, another contestant for the same position

One of the finest city lawyers and Sports Club Villa President Fred Muwema has joined the race to replace Lawrence Mulindwa as FUFA President.

“Oh yes, I am going for the job," Muwema exclusively told us after we called him today to get his word about contesting for the top soccer governing body job. Immediately, we sent word to sports critic Aldrine Nsubuga that Muwema had joined the trenches, the motor mouthed marketeer went into over drive with joy.

"Oh my God! The Almighty works in mysterious ways. Muwema is the right man for the job. I cannot wait to join the trenches for him. May God finish the mission he has started with Muwema getting the FUFA mantle for the good of the game," Nsubuga prayed.

Justifying his decision, Muwema argued, “I have been at the forefront of cleaning FUFA. Now that Mulindwa has realized I was right in telling him to step down for the good of the sport, I cannot shy away from getting into the driver’s seat so as push the sport into the right direction.”

I have nothing against Mulindwa

Saying he had nothing personal against Mulindwa, but he was only concerned about his(Mulindwa’s) failure to deliver, Muwema pointed out it was him and a few patriotic Ugandans, who led  ‘Operation Rid FUFA of Dennis Obua’, ushering in the outgoing FUFA President in the process.

"When Ugandans realized that Mulindwa was not performing, it became clear that we had to get him out of the way for the good of soccer. I have not been fighting him. I have simply been working in the interest of soccer like I did when I helped to get Obua out of the way for him," Muwema reasoned.

Its' against this background that Muwema said he should not be looked at a man seeking prestige or money by contesting for the FUFA Presidency, but rather as a man seeking to redeem the cherished sport for the general good of its fans.

“If I had wanted, I would have joined Mulindwa and ‘eaten’like my known colleagues, but I remained steadfast in resisting him when things went wrong," Muwema argued.

Why he is fit to redeem FUFA

That it has taken him less than twenty years to build one of the enviable law firms in the country, Muwema argued is evidence enough that he is good enough to turn FUFA around.

Because he became Villa President at a rather early age, Muwema notes it means he is not a stranger to soccer administration. Mulindwa even allowed him and his colleagues (read Kavuma- Kabenge and company) to run the Sports League under the Uganda Sports League , Muwema argues is another piece of evidence that even the Mulindwa administration recognized his competence.

‘When they later turned around and worked against the league, it was not because we were incompetent, it was because we had pointed out their mistakes. They did so out of revenge," Muwema also stated.


“When we were in charge of the league, we managed to attract sponsors which is also evidence of our PR credentials,” Muwema echoed.

“In fact it is because we attracted big sponsors and money that Mulindwa and company got envious and started engaging in machinations so we could lose the league," Muwema noted.

We understand Muwema and Kavuma Kabenge under the Uganda Super League had managed to clinch a Shs5b sponsorship from Nile Breweries and Super Sport, but it is alleged that Mulindwa failed the mega deal.

“He claimed FUFA had not authorized the deal, yet all he wanted was a share of the money that was supposed to boost soccer," our impeccable source pointed out. New Vision boss Robert Kabushenga is one the people who have also come out to declare their interest in the FUFA Presidency.



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