WOMAN OF ALL SEASONS: Doreen Kabereebe Gushes on Why She missed her Last Semester Exams and how a once Good Friend Embarrassed her when She Walked up to her in Venom to make Amends

26th, June 2013
Doreen talking to Allie during the interview

When most people think of city sex siren Kabareebe, the first thing that comes to their mind is the perfect picture of a party animal but they couldn’t be any farther from the truth. While she loves to go hard at her partying, Doreen is also a committed Christian and is very passionate about politics; maybe she takes after her father Hon Amos Muzoora, former Member of Parliament for Rwampara.

We talked to the infamous model as she revealed for the first time that she had put her modeling days behind her and was concentrating on paving way for a career in politics

TI: We all know you but in your own words, who are you?

DK: My name is Doreen Kabareebe. I am 22 years old and I come from a family of eight; six girls and two boys. I am the third last. I went to St Agnes Primary School from P1-P5. From there, I begged to be taken to Lakeside Academy which had just opened up and all the posh kids were attending.

Since my father was still a Member of Parliament, whatever we got. I stayed at lake side till I finished my P7. I then went to Wanyange Girls in Jinja where I did my S1-S6 before joining Nkumba University in Entebbe where I did a degree in Public Administration.

TI: Why did you choose to go into modeling?

DK: Modeling is something I have always loved to do. When I was in S1, I contested for Miss Wanyange and it was obvious from then that it was something I could pursue seriously. I was very small then and people always told me I could make a good model which was very encouraging.

TI: Are you signed to any agency?

DK: No, I am not. I had my own agency called Curtsy International but it is no longer operating because I am trying to change my line of career. However, I will definitely be selling it off.

TI: You are in the news almost every day, what is it that the media finds so fascinating about you?

DK: I wish I knew; maybe they love me as Doreen but then they wouldn’t write so many negative things about me. I have no idea why the media is obsessed with me because I am just out living my life and the next day, there is a story about me; the sad part is that most stories are not true.

I am now used to it though it is very annoying when they keep referring to my father. I just wish they would leave him out of their stories.

TI: There is the unforgettable dress you were wearing at the Sisqo concert, what were you thinking?!

DK: First of all I do not know why everyone made a big deal out of that dress.  Those dresses were designed by Latif. We were six girls wearing the same outfit and we even modeled that night.

That picture with Chameleone was taken back stage before I finished dressing up but it should be common sense; if you are wearing a short dress and someone holds your waist, the dress automatically pulls up.  Maybe it’s because I have a big bum but then again, everyone has a bum so I don’t know what the fuss was about.

TI: Do you have a boyfriend?

DK: I am seeing someone but I love to keep my relationships very private. I cant tell you anything about my boyfriend.

TI: Why do people think that you are very jumpy when it comes to men?

DK: I am a beautiful girl; any man would want to be with me. You should see my facebook inbox, men even offer me up to 7million for one night stands but this kind of thing is not in my nature. Most people think that because most of my friends are guys. I do not associate well with girls because I do not like drama.

Whenever I am seen with a friend, people imagine that I am sleeping with him but those guys are nothing more than friends. Ugandans have a problem, if a girl is seen in company of a guy, the first thing everyone thinks is, “That one is a done deal!” But it’s not like that for me.

TI: It is believed that you’ve been at university for 5 years, how true is that?

DK: I don’t know where these people get their stories. I started university in 2009 and I was supposed to graduate last year but didn’t because I had missed sitting my exams during my last semester. I never had retakes like most people think.

My father had contested for the Entebbe Municipality Parliamentary seat and he promised to pay tuition for 1,000 students. When he didn’t go through, there was no way he could use his personal money so many students didn’t do exams that semester because they had chewed their tuition banking on the money my dad had promised.

I decided not to sit for those papers even though my own tuition was already paid because it was a way of showing solidarity for what the other students were going through.

TI: Was your dad okay with that decision?

DK: Politics is a dirty game. If I had done those papers, I would have probably been lynched from campus because other students hadn’t done them since they thought my father would be paying.

My father understood and besides during that period, I got a part time job training Miss Uganda contestants in Fort Portal and earned good money.

TI: You had applied for Big Brother, what exactly happened?

DK: I made it to the last round of auditions in South Africa. On the forms, I had said I was almost graduating but then at the last minute I realized I would still be doing exams yet I was supposed to be in South Africa at that time.

I told the lady who interviewed me the truth and the rest is history. People will never believe that I priotised my education but it is only me, God and the SA team that know the truth.

TI: If you had gone to BBA do you think you would have done better than Denzel and LK4?

DK: I am not in position to say I would have done better mainly because both of them are my personal friends. It is very unfortunate that they were both evicted at an early stage in the game but I think they did okay. I can’t say I would have done any better because my character is a lot like Huddah’s and she was the first to be evicted.

I am not free with people I am not used to so I probably would have been evicted to. By the way I only wanted to go for Big Brother because I wanted to prove to people that I am not as jumpy as they assume. I am actually a very principled person.

TI: You are very close to LK4, what’s with you two?

DK: Isaac is a very good friend of mine. In fact we have a brother-sister relationship and there is nothing more to it.

TI:  What plans to do you have for the future?

DK: I plan to enroll for a Law degree in Mukono this year and I have already talked to my dad about it. Originally, he wanted me to do law so he was very happy that this is the road I have chosen to take. I am looking at a career in politics and I want to make sure I am involved in leadership all through my law course.

By the time I decide to contest for a real political office, I want people to have changed their perception of me.I have closed the modeling chapter of my life also because no one would take me serious if they saw me in a bikini one day and I am vying for a respectable office.

I have been a leader all through my school days and I think this is where my passion lies. Besides, it seems to be a family trait.

TI: what is your dream car and what are you driving now?

DK: My dream car is a black limousine.  I drive the harrier I won from Miss Ambience sometimes but it is normally in Mbarara helping with charity.

By the time I go down to contest for a Parliamentary seat, at least most people in Mbarara will know that I surrendered my first car to help better  the lives of the less fortunate.

TI:  When was the last time you cried?

DK: The last time I cried was while doing my dissertation. I took my work to the café for printing and when I went to pick it, the lady told me it had been destroyed by a virus. I had to start all over again.

TI:  What is your greatest fear?

DK: I know I have many enemies but my greatest fear is making enemies. The enemies I have are because they have issues with me but I have no issues with anyone.

TI: When did you last wet your bed?

DK: I don’t remember, I must have been a little kid.

TI: What has been your greatest embarrassment?

DK: I used to have a friend although we do not talk now. So, one night while at Venom I walked up to her and asked her what the problem could be and she just said, “Doreen I don’t want drama.”

I was so embarrassed. First of all I had garnered all the energy I could and put my pride aside to try and sort out things. That should have told her I valued her friendship.

TI: What is the one thing people do not know about you?

DK: Most people might find it very hard to believe; but I am a very religious person.





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