GRASS TO GRACE, TO RAGS: Uk Based Defunct Music Promoter Yunus Ssengo Runs Bankrupt, Turns Into a Luggage Porter

25th, February 2013
Bobi and others used to be hosted by Ssengo

Former London based Ugandan music promoter Yunus Ssengo is living a very miserable life in the United Kingdom. Sources in the UK reveal that after hustling for some time in a living a few years of uptown life, Ssengo is currently living like a pauper.

Sources reveal that he was evicted from the posh apartment he was living in, he went out of business and can no longer broker any deal to fly Ugandan musicians abroad to perform like he used to few years back.

What Went Wrong?

U.K Sources reveal that Ssengo lived a very plush life between years 2000 and 2008, when he became a very successful promoter of Ugandan music in the Diaspora. Through his links, he would cut deals with Night clubs in the UK that enabled Ugandan artistes perform at concerts organised by Ugandans in the Diaspora.

This enabled him to become a very prominent international broker in the music industry, thus enabling him to live large. He bought himself a posh apartment and started cruising expensive rides. Matter of fact, Ssengo was one of the first few Ugandans to own a Hummer and was rumoured to own several buildings in Kampala suburbs, after several years on Kyeyo.

At the peak of his heydays, Ssengo had bought a Night Club 19a along Upton Lane, Forest Gate - East London, where he used to mint lots of dime by staging concerts for artistes like Ragga Dee, Dj Michael, Bobi Wine, Juliana Kanyomozi, Afrigo Band, Eagles Production and stuff.

He had also bought property on Upton Lane.  He married one Hajara, who was at the time reported under-age – just 14 years of age, but went on to date Shanks Vivie dee’s babe, a one Hilda. But his deeds surely followed him and to date, Ssengo is no better off than a poor man in Bududa.

All his wealth seems to have evaporated in thin air. His Night Club, apartment, rides and other assets were attached by court bailiffs and the once flamboyant promoter has now turned into a porter at a UK harbour.




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