VERBAL ARTILLERY: Kick-Boxing CHAMP Mugula Says Golola Is Fit For Local Blacks and Maybe – My Young Trainees

25th, February 2013
Mugula (R) poses with the writer at TI offices Saturday

Wold Champion kick boxer Mugula Ronald (MR) has stung mortar-mouthed Moses Golola in an interview with The Investigator (TI), saying the fellow is unfit for whites’ fights and can only engage local academy boys. The star, whose next fight is on April 5th 2013 at Kyaddondo Rugby Ground with Albania’s Gashi Valdet, also told us about his love life and how he laughs like there is no tomorrow. Below is the Q&A.       

TI: Who is Mugula and his kick-boxing career?

MR: I started from Kampala Boxing Club (KBC) in 1998, and my trainer was Norbert Mugagga. But I also trained self through films like Jet Lee's movies. After watching I could go behind the house and train myself, kicking walls. I joined amateur in school in 1999. From KBC, Coach Eddie took me to Kenya where I secured a Gold medal. In 2001 I went to Georgia and won a silver medal. From East Africa, I got four Gold medals and 3 silver medals from Central Africa. That’s how my career started.

TI: Who have you fought with in Uganda?

MR: I have fought many here, including Titus Tugume of UPDF whom I left with dislocated jaws.

TI: When was your first big fight?

MR: That was when I represented Uganda in Muay, Thailand in the world champions of 2007 as an amateur. From there, I got managers and I started professional kick boxing which secured me silver in Bulgaria.

TI: When was your first defeat?

MR: That was in German (Hamburg) in 2008. I got a knockout from some guy I have even forgotten his name, eeeh...... man it was a serious one. I got several fights the same year from Marco Gune, Marco Victor and Rashid Bellan. In 2011 I won a belt from Bulgaria vs Austria. In 2012 I won the European title from Golola's whip Nagy.

TI: We hear you are in town running up and down looking for a manager, is it true?

MR: Hahaaa... it’s not true. I have a manager and he is called Ronald Bumaali. He is the secretary for Uganda Cycling Association.

TI: What happened to your former manager Alice Namatovu?

MR: She promised money for three weeks to work on my ticket and upkeep but never lived by her word. She even forced me to leave KT Production which I deemed unfit because KT used to help a lot.

TI: Who are the organisers of your next fight?

MR: Uganda Broadcasting Corporation (UBC). They bought my forthcoming fight with Albania’s Valdet Gashi on April 5th 2013 at Shs100m.

TI: Eeeh man, so you are that loaded?

MR: Wapi, it’s not in cash man and besides, it’s budgeted for. For instance, we have to prepare for my opponent, accommodation, food and stuff.

TI: where do you train from?

MR: Mt Zion Hotel, from Tuesday to Thursday at 4:00pm and at KBC on Monday.

TI: Who was your first love and how did you meet?

MR: Her name is Josephine Nakafeero. We met while I was still a bouncer back then at Heritage Park off Entebbe road.

TI: Was it love-at- first sight! And what is that unique thing that made your heart sink into hers?

MR: To tell you the truth I have never seen a woman who has the ultimate prize like Nakafeero did. Whenever she passed by, goose pimples emerged. The thrill of looking at the succulent boobs sent chill deed in my zip-code. But then I could not tell her since I was broke. But when I chanced some dime, it was my chance to lay pursuit of her. And you know with money things are quite easy. She easily accepted my advances which led into a relationship that even my bosses envied. In fact they later fired me when they realised that I had beaten them, we now have two daughters.

TI: But we hear you are linked to another babe in Germany. How true is that?

MR: I will not dwell into that, I have no comment for now.

TI: And what is your favourite Yoriyori style?

MR: (Laughs shyly)... Do u really want me to say that! Well if you insist, I am more comfortable with ‘Kireka-Banda’ aka Missionary style. It’s how I can show my stamina.

TI: Is it true that when one is due for a fight sex becomes a thing of past?

MR: That is a myth. It depends on an individual for example for me I stop doing ‘those things’  thirty days to the bout but if I feel like I am over fit, I  enjoy until the fifteenth day before the fight. By the way at times it is not advisable though but I sneak out in-between my training sessions download some.

TI: Do you have stalkers?

MR: Definitely. Forgotten I am a world champion and that I am a handsome dude? I get lots of them on the road, ring, restaurants, facebook and even while in the camp. It is normal for us who are famous but I personally know how to handle them.

TI: If we were to dine you, what would you prefer for a bite?

MR: It will have to be either groundnuts FOR sauce, beans with Posho and or rice. It’s as simple as that.

TI: What’s you life out of the ring like?

RM: I have a penchant for cracking jokes and laughing. OMG, I laugh a lot. So you will get me with friends cracking all tribes of jokes, I also love spending time at the beach for it is very relaxing, then maybe, watching movies more especially in bibanda (makeshift movie shows).

TI: Who inspires you?

MR: Former boxers Twalibu Mayanja and Abdu Tebazaalwa.

TI: Talk of you alleged beef with Moses Golola?

MR: That is not true, Golola is a good fighter but I have this feeling that he can only fight local black and not whites. He should leave whites’ fights to people like me.

TI: But we hear he wants to engage you in the rings?

MR: He can’t. He fears me, maybe he wants t fight one of my trainees. You know I train some young lads, maybe one of those but me with Golola? Ooh no.  

TI: Any tangible benefits from your profession?

MR: Of course yes, I can move all over the world unhindered, I own a home and two nice rides. I am aiming a Range Rover, my dream car.

TI: And your last word?

MR: I want to start up an academy for young talents. In three to four years, I will be training kick- boxing. But before that, I plead for everyone’s support. Please be there on April 5th 2013 at Kyaddondo Rugby Grounds.


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