BABY COME BACK: Yoriyori-Starved Lillian Mbabazi Invokes Her Ex Moze Radio to ‘Come Play with Your Son’ In A Bid to Woo him Back into Her River-Between

28th, February 2013
GUD OLD DAYS: Lillian misses these moments with Moze

Ever since she packed her bags and walked out on her then live-in boyfriend Moze Radio, it has been a hell on earth for singer, and Radio City Presenter Lillian Mbabazi. She is dying to have Radio’s wire back but she instead pleads with him to go play with his son for a little while.

Our pries dug it out of Mbabazi’s close mates who opened that since she moved into her Buziga house early last year after jumping out of Radio’s love nest in Makindye, Kizungu zone, she last saw her son’s dad close to a year ago. “She confesses that she miss him lots but she is too proud to say it direct. She instead is pleading with him to go visit them and play with the boy,” our irrefutable source offered.

Lilliane further intimated to friends that much as she was willing to drive her son to see his dad in Makindye, the gang-like, smoke filled and boozier environment is not friendly to her son. Though a smoker herself, Lilliane doesn’t puff before her kid. The way things are, we bet it is not all about the kid missing his father or dying to play with him but rather the mother wants to dance with his father. Good luck though.


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mother wants to dance with his father or mother wants to dance the father.There must be a typing error here.