STRATEGIST: Call Me What You Want but Indeed I Paid My Party Planner in Both Cash and a Sweaty Yoriyori Marathon

26th, February 2013

At the beginning of this year, I decided to throw a new year’s party for my loyal clients. I thought it was the perfect way to say thank you to my friends, family and most loyal customers for helping me build my franchise.  I tried doing the organizing myself for a couple of days and soon it dawned on me that I needed help. I contacted a friend of mine who throws parties almost every time you blink; Carol somehow finds something to celebrate every other week. Anyway, she got me in touch with Simon, her party planner. First, we talked on phone but it was a little hard to keep coordinated; I am a little bit of a perfectionist so we set up a meeting to go over the final details of the party. We met up at the boutique and as soon as he walked through the door, my crazy mind instantly had a new target.

Simon is well built, broad shouldered and tall, I know it sounds like a fantasy but I was just as shocked that there were such hot men in Kampala. Anyway, I directed him into my office at the back of the shop and we sat down to go through the final touches for the next evening's party. I offered him a drink and as I walked to the fridge in the corner, I dramatically emphasized my walk just to grab his attention; I had to make the best of every opportunity. I bent seductively as I retrieved the water. We finished our meeting within the next thirty minutes and he left, after flashing me the most suggestive smile (for a moment I actually thought I had imagined it). I had chosen the dress I wanted to wear to the party but with this new development, I knew I had to get something more provocative and enticing. I rummaged through my own designs but didn’t find something that would do the trick so I went over to my sister’s house (I have a key) and got her red sequin dress that I had been plotting to steal for ages and prayed that she hadn’t planned on wearing it the next evening.

D day finally came and by 6:30pm, I was all set and at the venue awaiting my guests. By 8:30pm, it was a full house. I had caught a glimpse of Simon between all the chit chat I was having with my guests and even from a distance, he looked 'edible' in a simple casual outfit; jeans, moccasins, t-shirt and light sweater but he still managed to look like a movie star. After dinner was served, I walked to the back to catch a breather and I almost dropped dead when I found Simon slumped against the wall with a glass of wine in his hand. I had intended to do a touch of make up before going on this rendezvous but it was a little too late now."I needed a little fresh air." he tried to explain. I told him I understood and thanked him for putting together what had turned out to be an awesome party. We continued talking and I told him how I had started my businesses and he was impressed that this was the fourth branch of my boutique. He pulled out a cigarette and started puffing away before offering it to me. As I got hold of the tiny cigarette stick, our hands touched for an instant and my heart must have skipped a bit.

I puffed away and as I was about to hand it back to him, Simon looked at me and said, "Are we going to keep acting like this is not happening." I love my guys fast and straight forward and this was really working for me. I dropped the cigarette on to the ground and threw my arms around his neck. He kissed me back and didn’t waste any time; he pushed my already short dress up and shoved his hands into my G-string. It hadn’t even reached my swirilili but I could feel my juices flowing from within. I threw away the intruder glass of wine. Simon then grabbed me by my ass and shoved me against the wall. There was no fore play, he plunged his fingers into my swirilili, so deep I could feel the walls throbbing against his long fingers. I said a silent prayer that nobody comes out as I struggled with his jeans and finally, got to have them loose. They fell down to his ankles and I pulled his wire from his boxers. I pulled a condom out of my sling bag and handed it to him; he quickly dressed his magnificent rod and pushed it into me. Ouch! I thought he had hit my intestines because it was so intense and there was never a moment that he stopped going in and out of me.

I let out a soft moan as he continued to work my now dripping toto. We both got tired quickly because of the standing position so he put me down and bent me over. He then pushed himself into me again and I could now feel him hit the very core of what my mom gave me. I met his every thrust and finally he started to breath hard. At some point, I felt his sweat drop onto my back but that didn’t slow him down. He continued plunging in and out of me real hard and my knees finally gave out as I ‘came’. I screamed out in bliss and held onto the wall to stop myself from buckling over. Just after I had cum, I felt Simon let out a wild groan and he stayed stiff for a few minutes. He then pulled out of me as I sat down on the floor and he fell against the wall as we both caught our breath from the intensity. We alter dressed up and headed back into the party but kept throwing each other knowing and rather erotic glances. I had wanted to have a second proper go at him but I was too wasted by the time the night ended and I had no regrets; after all I am a onetime kind of gal.

We’ll catch up next week and until then, stay naughty.  Always, Bad Angel.


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