NABBED: Showy ‘Bill Gate’ Kalungi Offended by Own Car, Fails To Resist Arrest Over Assaulting Sylvia Owori’s Lover Malik

26th, February 2013
FAKE: Kalungi

Kampala Central Station (CPS) officers were last afternoon treated to free comedy when self-claimed Ugandan ‘Bill Gates’ and former Makindye LC III boss Moses Kalungi attempted to kick-box down, the game’s professional Malik Kaliisa.

The arguably bad-mannered Kalungi is a complainant in a police case where he alleges that Malik, along with a one Abdullah Jjunju, on December 13th 2011 thumped him at his Kampala Road-based hosted night spot, the Hi Table. He further alleged that Kaliisa grabbed his USD4500, a Seiko Watch among other essentials. Kaliisa was later charged with assault and theft at Buganda road Court.

But Kaliisa, also lover to fashion guru Sylvia Owori, had in the same breadth filed a police case against Kalungi whom, police summoned way back in August but was until yesterday, yet to honour the summons. Last afternoon, Police claimed that they have been looking for Kalungi since last year vide police file reference number SD 03/13/12/20.

Today mid-morning, Kalungi was smoked out by Kaliisa himself who, tipped police. On realising the Cops were coming for him, Kalungi tried to take off but as fate would have it, his car, a Harrier registration number UAQ 342K parked along George Street parking, had long been cramped by Multiplex for alleged non-payment of parking fees.

Sensing he was cornered, the unquestionably lawlessness Kalungi reached for his pistol but failed on guts to raise it. He refused to release the gun until the officers prevailed on him. He soon realised that things weren’t going to be easy and surrendered. He was taken to CPS from where; the already sanctioned file was picked before rushing him to Nakawa Court.


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