OUTRAGEOUS: Diplomat and UPDF Rtd. Gen Matayo Kyaligonza Shatters to Eternity, His Own Family as He Replaces Wife with a House Help and Sexy Babes

28th, February 2013
SHAMELESS: Kyaligonza

Having a family and raising it are two different things, worlds apart. We can steadily declare that the battle-hardened Maj. Gen. (Rtd) Matayo Kyaligonza, also Ugandan Ambassador to Burundi, has whacked his family, thanks to his high libido for young babes, his house help not spared.

The hitherto well-kept secret has landed on our pries after several documents and different narrations of his now victimized members of the family, found their way to our desk. Our repeated sniffs into the documents positively tested that it all started when Kyaligonza, about three to four years ago, succumbed to his high shaggerific index and laid a distant relative cum house help, Florence Namuddu.

His arguably lusty love for the young girl eventually became an open secret to all family members and he shamelessly swallowed it. As if that was not enough, he reportedly proceeded to throw out his family from the marital home of Kololo and put a caveat on it, sending the once united family into disarray.

 “Your sloth of never completing what you ever start especially how you have racked the family boat on your last route in life. You started a family but never saw it through, its building and amalgamation what a pity!” writes one of Kyaligonza’s son in one of the several communications from kids to him.

He continues, “as you always say [that] it's not an obligation for you to be married to our mom, it's clear and understood you don't love her and she CLEARLY does not love you back especially after your beatings. You take pride in just being the "honourable" you are and let her be! Why keep clinging on? Stop making our mother cry over you and your ‘bishaming’ sorry actions over and over again! Let her be in peace! Happiness is for the living and not the dead!”

Several family members accuse Kyaligonza of mistreating his family, especially the wife Geraldine Kyaligonza who reportedly saved him when he lost his parliamentary seat, thanks to his own brothers’ de-campaigning him, and sought him the Ambassadorial post. Geraldine reportedly confronted President Museveni’s brother Salim Saleh, asked him to consider her husband’s struggles. He was then made an Ambassador.

Geraldine Weeps

Because this is a preamble of the series of this sad story, we opt to give it just an introduction angle. And here below, we reproduce one of Geraldine’s letter to his husband, pleading for mercy and peace. The handwritten letter reads “I greet you in the name of Jesus Christ, May the good lord open up your heart and let the lord give you wisdom of understanding. 

May I remind you about the letter you wrote to me while introducing your son Phillip as the one going to cater for Kololo family? Since 23/03/12 when you wrote to me, you didn’t fulfil your promise. So please, I am requesting you to do the needful. 1, could you please remove the caveat you put on this Kololo house? 2, Could you please provide a living for this family as per the letter you wrote 23/03/12? 3, I don’t want any more exchange of words as per now but what I want is PEACE, MAY THE good lord enlighten you as you respond to these requests. All the best, I am Geraldine.”

NB: “Could you please pay Shs10, 700,000! This money you know it very well that it bought tyres for your truck and I told you how I had borrowed that money from Angela Halumensi and John Kaweesa. All the invoices were given to you but up to now, you have refused to pay. It is a shame to me and yourself if you deliberately refuse to pay this money. Zech 7:10.” The bible quote reads; “And oppresses not the widow nor the fatherless, the sojourner, nor the poor and let none of you imagine evil against his brother in your heart.” Watch this space...



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I thought one to be ambassador of country, they 1st pass the test of family and home ambassador? So shameless indeed!


nw y wld a general behave like this.riyale


nw y wld a general behave like this.riyale