SENTENCE WITH A CAUSE: Jailbird Mukula Gets Easy By Day, Forms a Human Rights Initiative With Alaka to Help Victims of Wrongful Detentions, Sentences

Mukula vows to fight injustice

Imprisoned Soroti Municipality MP Mike Mukula has not lost his flamboyance and touch with the ground. The former Health State Minister, whom we paid a visit yesterday is regaining high spirits and sworn, he eventually feels at peace and using his time to make acquaintance with fellow inmates.

Through this pain recuperation, he has unearthed disheartening stories of illegal arrests, detentions, sentences, torture and unfair court judgments. Most of the time, he is swamped by inmates for various forms of assistance and indeed, he is like a messiah.

Mukula has hooked up with Kampala celebrated lawyer Caleb Alaka with whom they intend to file for revisions of several cases. “The number of people that were wrongfully sentenced is overwhelming and I have decided to bury my plight and help rectify these issues,” Mukula told our pries. One of the touching cases is of an old man from Kisoro who, came to Kampala looking for his teenage daughter, only to end up sentenced for one year. .

Contacted this afternoon, Alaka confirmed his partnership with Mukula over the tricky cases. “The situation down there (Luzira) is very alarming. People were victimized in several ways and we can’t sit and look on. I was overwhelmed I couldn’t keep my manly tears in the cranium any longer,” This story is told by Kampala lawyer, Mr. Caleb Alaka, who picked from Mukula. He further narrated the old man’s story as bellow:

The Story

“It is a sad story. The girl abandoned school in senior two at Kololo SS and started cohabiting with a man in Kamwokya. Two weeks ago, the old man disembarked from the Kamwokya stage after a tiresome journey by bus. Armed with his bag, he moved from passenger to passenger at the stage, asking in his local language the whereabouts of his daughter.

At 10:00pm, he became desperate and approached some police constables on foot patrol. Failing to understand the old man’s narration, the police took him to their Kiira Road station and detained him. The old man thought these were good Samaritans who had given him accommodation in Kampala. But to his utter shock, he was dragged to the early morning parade before he was counted among the detainees and thrown back to cells.

After three days, he was taken to Nakawa Court, aligned before a magistrate and charged with being idle and disorderly. He was overwhelmed, there was no interpreter, and in confusion and after being misled by a fellow inmate, he pleaded guilty. He was sentenced to one year. To him, he was sentenced for trying to find his straying daughter. When Hon. Mike Mukula told me this story in Luzira Prison, I thought it was a joke. The OC Murchison bay confirmed the story. I requested to see the old man. Tears welled in my face as he told me his story.”

Alaka says he is legally taking up the case, in addition to others. “There are many such people who are victims of KCCA, police, and bad hearted people. Let’s stand up for justice and expose bad elements in the Judiciary, Police and Law enforcement officers of KCCA,” he said, promising to access to us, more such cases and facts. Watch this space…






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Menton Kronno

Now this is real madness.




And who will save the poor and weak? It\'s a qtn oftenly asked but never answered. Lets hope that justice will be stretched out to such people as they deserve it.

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